5 Most Challenging Strategy Games Ever Made

What makes you lose track of time when playing a digital game? The long story line, or the mechanics gameplayits too complicated? Yes, some game titles do have a very challenging level of difficulty and often make some of them gamer feeling frustrated.

Well, the strategy game genre is the same. There is a very easy level and there is also a complicated level called grand strategy. If you like something that is challenging as well as sharpening your brain, the strategy games below can be your next game choice, right!

1. Sins of a Solar Empire


Actually, the author prefers strategy games about ancient kingdoms rather than futuristic types of space warfare. However, in Sins of a Solar Empire we will get something different and different, namely the complexity and challenging mechanisms in it.

This game was released in 2010 by Stardock specifically for Microsoft Windows (PC). Remarkably, with high complexity, this work made by Ironclad Games has also received many awards as one of the best games. well, If you want to experience how complicated it is to set up a war strategy in outer space, you can buy this game at a fairly low price on Steam.

2. Commandos 2


In 2001 and 2002, a slick game called Commandos 2 released for Microsoft Windows (PC), PS2, and Xbox. Then, in 2020, this series was remade with better graphics to reminisce on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch consoles. In its time, this game appears in brilliant detail because it has a high level of difficulty.

You will be assigned to control elite troops and must rely on strategy, positioning, and tactical moves to get to the next level. The higher the level or stage the more difficult and challenging the game you face. Unfortunately, this game is only considered good if played on a PC. This is because the control system uses keyboard and mouse easier gamer in giving in-game orders.

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3. Total War: ATTILA

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Not included in the series Total War the best in the writer’s eyes, but ATTILA entered as the hardest. Serial Total War Indeed, from the past it has always presented complex mechanisms that are supported by a historical plot that is quite majestic. If you follow this game from the very beginning, you will quickly understand that Total War move in a combination system.

It is clear that Creative Assembly as a developer does not play with the complexity of their work. That’s why the series is always in a mixed style, i.e turn-based, grand strategy, as well as RTS on the battlefield. Now, Total War: ATTILA was released by Sega in 2015.

4. Civilization VI


Sid Meier is known to be good at concocting and creating complex strategy-based games. One of his most loved works is the serial Civilization which on average always get positive reviews. Well, the 6th series is entitled Civilization VI is one of the games grand strategy best ever made by Sid Meier and Firaxis Games.

In this game, players will be assigned to run human civilization from ancient times to modern times. Of course, this is not an easy thing to do considering there are many crucial elements that must be considered in this game. The author’s advice, first play the two previous series, namely Civilization IV and Civilization V because the 6th series is an amalgamation of the two elements.

5. Crusader Kings III


Outside the series Total War and Civilization, game called Crusader Kings has also become the author’s favorite and played quite often. Well, in 2020, Paradox Interactive has released their latest series entitled Crusader Kings III. Not without reason this game is the perfect work of the Paradox team. Because, grand strategy This one is believed to be one of the hardest and most challenging games ever.

Your task is indeed heavy, starting from leading the kingdom, politics, having a family, fighting wars, building the economy, maintaining the stability of the country, to other complicated matters such as infidelity. Don’t get me wrong, even if you are a king, your bodyguards and family can kill you in this game. Well, if you like brain sports, play Crusader Kings III you can choose as a weekend recreation option.

What do you think about the series of big game titles above? You can buy and immediately install it on your PC. So, In your opinion, what other strategy games are the most challenging to play?

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