5 Natural Blood Enhancing Foods, to be Healthy and Prevent Anemia

Suara.com – A nutritious diet is very important for your health. Feeding your body with all the nutrients it needs not only prevents disease, but also keeps the body and its organs functioning properly, including helping to replenish blood. No need to worry, there are various natural blood-boosting foods that you can try.

Your blood flow is an important part of bringing all the nutrients and oxygen to where your body needs it. A healthy diet can help improve blood circulation without drugs.

Try healthy foods like the following, which are known to improve blood circulation and overall health. They can even help prevent serious conditions from heart attack, deep vein thrombosis, and high blood pressure to anemia.

Launching from various sources, consider the following some blood-boosting foods that you can consume daily.

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1. Almonds

Nuts are considered a light snack or the perfect salad topping. Almonds are packed with vitamin E and healthy fats, and they also have antioxidant properties. A diet rich in almonds was found in a study to improve blood flow.

Illustration of almonds.  (Shutterstock)
Illustration of almonds. (Shutterstock)

2. Banana

Bananas contain potassium which is useful for increasing blood flow and lowering blood pressure. Too much sodium in your diet will cause high blood pressure, but potassium will help your kidneys to remove sodium from your body through urine. This helps relax the blood vessels and improves blood flow.

3. Bit

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Beetroot is a superfood that is rich in nitrates. Nitrates are good for you because your body converts them to nitric oxide, which can relax blood vessels and increase blood flow to tissues and organs throughout your body. Another great benefit: beetroot juice can lower your systolic blood pressure.

Beetroot juice was found to be able to overcome impotence.
Beetroot juice was found to be able to overcome impotence.

4. Carrots

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables has many health benefits, and carrots can have a positive effect on heart health. A study found that drinking carrot juice daily lowered systolic blood pressure. It is possible that carrot juice protects the cardiovascular system by increasing the total antioxidant status.

5. Cinnamon

A favorite spice sprinkled over a bowl of oatmeal or a hot drink, cinnamon has been found to relax blood vessels and lower blood pressure, which helps increase blood flow.

This is information about blood-boosting foods. In addition to the foods above, there are also several other foods that help increase the blood, such as citrus fruits, ginger, turmeric, sunflower seeds, and walnuts.

Contributors: Ulil Azmi