5 Newest & Best Android Barbie Salon Games 2019

Barbie salon game is a game that is widely played in Indonesia, especially by girls. This game is perfect for accompanying your child or younger sister’s free time at home. Because of her diverse games and charming makeup adventures, Barbie has also become one of the popular characters that has been famous for generations. However, of the many Barbie games on the market, the game about salons is actually a game that is quite popular and in demand when compared to other games.

There are various Barbie salon games that you can play with your sister or child at home. This game is available for various platforms, the most of which are Android phones. In addition, this character game is quite easy to play even if you are only 3 years old. If you are an adult and want to play Barbie games, don’t take it lightly because it’s quite fun to enjoy. What are the latest 2019 Barbie salon games that you can play on Android?

latest barbie salon games

Latest Barbie Salon Games Android 2019

Who doesn’t have an Android phone today? Even teenagers are already holding cellphones which are very in demand in the Indonesian market. What are the newest Barbie salon games for Android in 2019?

1. Barbie Magical Fashion

barbie magical fashion

One of the girls’ games that is quite popular for Android phones is the Barbie Magical Fashion game. Why is it popular? Because this game presents a game where you will make over a girl to be as beautiful as Barbie. You can decorate your hair and face as beautiful and attractive as possible so that you get a high score. And most importantly, games fall into the category educational games for children because it can train their creativity.

  • Rating : Rated for 3+
  • Game Size: 15 MB
  • Minimum Android : 4.1 and up

2. Barbie Dreamtopia Magical Hair

barbie dreamtopia magical hair

The Barbie Dreamtopia Magical Hair game only focuses on styling the character’s hair as beautifully as possible. Even though you can’t change your character’s make up or clothes, this game is no less fun. Because you can freely express yourself by decorating Barbie’s hair in the game. In this game you can focus on coloring, washing, braiding and photographing your beautiful character after makeup.

  • Rating : Rated for 3+
  • Game Size: 14 MB
  • Minimum Android : 4.0.3 and up

3. Barbie Life Game

barbie life

No less, the Barbie Life game is also suitable for you to play. You will be invited to see and feel how Barbie’s life is in a game. This Mattel-made game also provides a variety of interesting mini games. Then, interestingly, you can also see a video about Barbie’s life which consists of several episodes. If you like salon games that are not monotonous, then this game is perfect for you to play.

  • Rating : Rated for 3+
  • Game Size : 63 MB
  • Minimum Android : 4.1 and up

4. Barbie Fashion Closet

barbie fashion closet

The game, entitled Barbie Fashion Closet, presents a pretty cool gameplay. In this game you will be the one who will choose the clothes for the customers and also make up the customers’ faces to make them more beautiful. There are hundreds of clothes and pants that you can match and make as attractive as possible so that the Barbie of your choice becomes beautiful. Every level you pass, you will get the newest items which are really cool. In addition, you will also meet the characters of Nikki, Rene, Teresa, Barbie and their friends who are no less beautiful.

  • Rating : Rated for 3+
  • Game Size : 85 MB
  • Minimum Android : 4.1 and up

5. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventure

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventure

Next is Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures which is also very fun for you to play. In this game you will help Barbie do the house decoration and cooking. You and Barbie can cook meals and serve the results to guests. Even more exciting, there are many utensils that can be used for cooking ranging from appetizers, main courses, and desserts.

  • Rating : Rated for 3+
  • Game Size : 49 MB
  • Minimum Android : 4.4 and up

Conclusion: Best Barbie Salon Games 2019?

The best Barbie salon game 2019 is an option that should not be missed. You can feel the fun and exciting game about the Barbie character above. You can choose which game is the most suitable to play. Don’t forget, if you want to present this game to your children or younger sister at home, consider the educational side too.