5 Personalities of Blood Type O Owners, Like Baby A Atta Halilintar and Aurel Hermansyah

Suara.com – The couple Atta Halilintar – Aurel Hermansyah announced the blood type of their first daughter, called Baby A. Their little daughter turned out to have blood type O.

In the video uploaded on their YouTube channel entitled ‘Last Day at Atta Aurel Hospital Baby A Ready to Go Home!!!’, it appears that Baby A has just undergone a laboratory examination to find out his health data, including blood type.

“The lab results are normal, the blood type is O positive,” said the doctor who treated Aurel Hermansyah and Baby A.

Hearing this, Atta Halilintar and Krisdayanti looked happy. The reason is, Baby A’s blood type is the same as his father and grandmother.

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“Strong, strong, strong!” said Krisdayanti with a happy expression.

Well, you know, if in Japan, blood type is considered an important indicator of a person’s personality. This is known as the “Japanese Blood Type Personality Theory.”

Reported by Tofugu, those with blood type O like Baby A are known as friendly people, have leadership abilities, and are able to set the mood for a group of people.

So want to know more about the relationship between blood type and a person’s personality? Come on, find out here what the personality of the owner of blood type O looks like.

1. Often Sets High Standards
People with blood type O are brave, friendly, and enterprising people. They have a habit of setting high standards for themselves and doing all they can to achieve them.

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2. Good Leadership Qualities
These people have excellent leadership qualities and little things won’t bother them, which makes them seem selfish to others.

3. Generous
They are generous, kind, and loving. Not only that, they adapt well to change. They are tough and flexible and can do things better than other blood types in difficult situations.

4. Other Positive Personality Traits
Have a leadership spirit but relaxed, have a positive outlook, confident, calm, friendly, careful, loyal, peaceful, passionate, independent, reliable, cheerful, trend setter, and loyal.

The Japanese call people with blood type O a warrior, because they are strong and tough. They are honest and hate people who hide the truth.

5. Negative Personality Traits
Unfortunately, among those positive personalities, they are also known to be jealous, untimely, insensitive, cold, unpredictable, selfish, and arrogant.