5 Pictures of Cipanyairan Waterfall, Myths and Routes to the Location

Curug Cipanyairan is a tourist destination in Garut that has not been visited by many tourists. This place is still really beautiful and located at the foot of Mount Papandayan

Opening hours:07.00-17.00 WIB
Ticket price:Price not yet known
Address:Pakenjeng, Pamulihan, Garut Regency, West Java 44168
Public facilities:Parking Lot, Food Stalls,
Access Road:Not too good
Online Maps:View Maps

Who does not know Garut. This small town is indeed tiny and deserves to be used as a tourist attraction. Indeed, getting to this area is a bit difficult. However, what will be presented is truly capable of hypnotizing every visitor when it comes to this region.

One of which is Cipanyairan waterfall Pamulih. Most of you may not know the uniqueness and beauty of this waterfall. Alright, don’t linger, let’s look at the search results below,

Cipanyairan waterfall, Garut

When I first saw this waterfall. You will definitely be impressed with the sights that are presented in front of your eyes. As soon as the water debit came down from the top of the cliff down. Thus, bringing strong winds.

Therefore, you should be careful and advised not to approach. Because, this place often floods that come suddenly. So, a signboard has also been prepared to give a warning to visitors who come.

The height of the Cipanyairan waterfall is approximately 80 meters. One unique thing we can see here is the fall of water that is blocked by a cliff on the right. So, when you are on the right, you will not be able to see the existence of this waterfall.

The flow from the waterfall descends into a river with natural freshness. try washing your face and feel the cold water seep to the bottom of your heart. Or, you can also drink it.

Relax, the water here is very clean and clear. So, it is not too dangerous when drunk directly. In terms of taste, almost the same when you drink water. Maybe, it will feel fresher in the throat than drinking plain water.

Myth of Curug Cipanyairan

Not the name of Indonesia, if every impressive tourist attraction does not have a mystery or myth, namely oray samak. It is believed to be around the waterfall. Then there was also at that time, there was also someone cutting down a tree.

Well, the tree fell into the waterfall and strangely, the tree just disappeared. pretty terrible isn’t it. So, it is advisable not to daydream when you are around this area. afraid that nothing will happen.

Cipanyairan Waterfall Location Route

Curug Cipayairan is located in Pakenjeng Village, Pamulihan Village, Garut Regency, West Java. You can direct the vehicle from downtown Garut towards Bayongbong, Cisurupan. Then, direct the vehicle towards Pamulihan.

Here you will enjoy various beautiful views of the tea plantations. Enchanting and soothing to the heart and eyes. Then, turn right towards the village of Pakenjeng. Until arriving at the village gate Pakenjeng.

Next, turn right down the winding road like a snake. As far as 1 km later, will find a stall. You can park your vehicle at the shop.

Next, let’s have a fun walk down every corner of the cobblestone streets. Wide enough and can be used to pass trucks. Approximately 40 minutes of walking, you will arrive at the location of the waterfall.

Try to feel how the beauty and natural feel of this place. Take a breath of fresh air with green scenery accompanied by various natural melodies such as the sound of birds and rivers. All feelings of tiredness and fatigue seemed to disappear in an instant.

Because it has not been managed properly, to be able to enter this place, you only need to pay a parking fee. for cars 10 thousand. For those who use a motorized vehicle can pay only 5 thousand rupiah.

The price is quite cheap not to enjoy the various kinds of dishes that are here. Don’t forget to also bring a traveler’s weapon, namely a camera. With this camera every moment will feel very memorable by taking photos and pictures.

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Tips Before This Location

There are several tips that might be used as your reference to enjoy this area. You have to bring a drink before enjoying the trip to the waterfall. Because, at the location point there are no food or drink stalls.

Then, don’t force the will to go up. Rest first when tired. Many visitors were forced and in the end, they could not reach the waterfall because of exhaustion.

Use comfortable footwear. And pay attention when it rains, the roads will be muddy and slippery. Don’t forget to bring a raincoat too. If at any time this place is wet. You are ready to protect yourself from the rain.

Cipanyairan Waterfall Photo Gallery

cipanyairan waterfall
cipanyairan waterfall
cipanyairan waterfall
cipanyairan waterfall
cipanyairan waterfall

Cipanyairan waterfall is the most tomorrows area in Garut. It has extraordinary natural beauty. No one can compete with this place. So, when will you visit and enjoy this beauty?