5 Pioneer Headphones with the Best Audio Performance

Pioneer is the world’s leading audio brand. Every year, this company based in the city of Tokyo, Japan, regularly launches various audio products with premium quality, one of which is headphones.

Offering stunning audio performance, headphones from Pioneer are used by professional DJs around the world.

Equipped with high-end audio features and technology and carrying a visible design stylish when used, here are the five best headphones from Pioneer that you should have, as follows.

1. Pioneer HDJ X7

5 Pioneer Headphones with the Best Audio Performance, Kicking Bass!Pioneer HDJ X7 (pocket-lint.com)

The Pioneer HDJ X7 has a design that looks solid and sturdy where the body is made of premium materials. For audio quality, these headphones have embedded 50 mm drivers that make the sound they produce sound very loud. The Pioneer HDJ X7 only weighs 308 grams with a body that can be folded so that it is easy to put in a bag or suitcase.

In the sales package, Pioneer HDJ X7 has provided an AUX connecting cable with a length of 1.58 meters. In the market, these headphones are pegged at a price of 200 US dollars or the equivalent of Rp. 2.8 million.

2. Pioneer HDJ X10

5 Pioneer Headphones with the Best Audio Performance, Kicking Bass!Pioneer HDJ X10 (headphonecheck.com)

Enter the headphone category mid-end, the Pioneer HDJ X10 is widely relied on by professional DJs. This audio gadget offers outstanding sound clarity when used to enjoy various genres of music. With technology noise isolation allows you to listen to music with focus even though the conditions around you are very noisy.

The design of the Pioneer HDJ X10 is designed to provide comfort to its users by installing soft pads that are very comfortable on the ears. For the price, the Pioneer HDJ X10 is priced at IDR 4.5 million.

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3. Pioneer HDJ CUE1BT

5 Pioneer Headphones with the Best Audio Performance, Kicking Bass!Pioneer HDJ CUE1BT (24htech.asia)

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For those of you who want Pioneer headphones at affordable prices but with above average performance, the Pioneer HDJ CUE1BT can be your choice. These headphones have a deeper bass that makes them suitable for listening to remixed songs.

In addition, the Pioneer HDJ CUE1BT has been equipped with a giant capacity battery that can operate for up to 30 hours non-stop. Therefore, the Pioneer HDJ CUE1BT is also highly recommended for travelers because of its strong battery life. In the market, these headphones are sold for Rp. 1.7 million.

4. Pioneer SE-MS7BT

5 Pioneer Headphones with the Best Audio Performance, Kicking Bass!Pioneer SE-MS7BT (topratings.desigusxpro.com)

The Pioneer SE-MS7BT can be connected to multiple devices via connectivity bluetooth and NFC. In the sales package, these headphones also provide a cable jack 3.5 meter along 1.2 meters equipped with volume control buttons and skip, pause and play.

For audio quality, the Pioneer SE-MS7BT is able to produce a very clear and loud sound thanks to drivers 40 mm embedded in these headphones. There are also features echo cancellation and noise suppression which supports your comfort when listening to music or having a phone conversation. To have these headphones, you have to prepare IDR 3.2 million.

5. Pioneer SE-MS9BN

5 Pioneer Headphones with the Best Audio Performance, Kicking Bass!Pioneer SE-MS9BN (headphonecheck.com)

The Pioneer SE-MS9BN carries a retro design but looks elegant with a larger ear cushion size so it is very comfortable when used.

Interestingly, the company Pioneer has provided a special application that can be downloaded on the PlayStore for setting up these headphones on smartphones.

There are also features noise cancellation which are indeed found in many category headphones mid-end and high-end. As for battery life, the Pioneer SE-MS9BN can operate for 28 hours. With budget for Rp. 2.5 million, then you have got high-spec headphones.

Well, those are some of the best headphone products from Pioneer with the most qualified audio quality. Most of the Pioneer headphones above carry a classic design but are equipped with the most advanced features.

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