5 players likely to leave Manchester City in June 2022

As one of the richest clubs in Europe, this season Manchester City is fairly efficient by bringing in only two top players. They are Jack Grealish and Julian Alvarez who were loaned back to his club, River Plate.

This is not a problem for Pep Guardiola because the quality of his squad is still adequate. The proof is they are still firmly at the top of the Premier League standings. Even so, rumors of a transfer next season have echoed. Some names are starting to hit the club’s radar, but some City players have the potential to leave as well. Anyone? This is the review.

1. Nathan Ake

5 Players Who Could Leave Manchester City June 2022Nathan Ake (twitter.com/NathanAke)

Nathan Ake was brought in from Bournemouth to deepen options in the Manchester City defense. However, the Dutch defender failed to make a significant impact. He has featured in just nine Premier League games this season and is only the fourth choice after Ruben Dias, Laporte and John Stones.

Newcastle United are reportedly interested in bringing the Chelsea academy product in the summer of 2022. Eddie Howe wants to add to the quality of his squad next season after successfully bringing the club out of the relegation zone.

2. Fernandinho

5 Players Who Could Leave Manchester City June 2022Fernandinho (twitter.com/fernandinho)

Fernandinho was originally set to be released in the summer of 2021. However, his excellent performance last season changed the club’s plans. He was given a new contract for one season. Now he is at the end of his career.

The 36-year-old has appeared in 13 Premier League games this season and it is reported that he will return to Brazil in the summer of 2022. Pep Guardiola himself is reportedly going to give him a coaching role if the player finally decides to hang up his boots.

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3. Scott Carson

5 Players Who Could Leave Manchester City June 2022portrait of Scott Carson (skysports.com)

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Scott Carson joined Manchester City in the summer of 2022 yesterday. He was brought in from Derby County for free and is only a back-up goalkeeper, not even playing a single game.

He was only contracted one season by Manchester City. Carson is a senior and very experienced goalkeeper in England. Throughout his career he has defended 10 different clubs.

4. Gabriel Jesus

5 Players Who Could Leave Manchester City June 2022Gabriel Jesus goal celebration (mancity.com)

This season Gabriel Jesus has been used more often as a winger rather than the attacker. The Brazilian actually wants to continue the role of Sergio Aguero at the club starting XIbut Guardiola preferred Raheem Sterling and Phil Foden instead.

This condition made Gabriel Jesus consider the option of leaving. Moreover, Harry Kane or Erling Haaland are being hunted by City management. Gabriel Jesus’ contract also has just 16 months remaining and Inter Milan are reportedly interested in signing the Brazilian.

5. Bernardo Silva

5 Players Who Could Leave Manchester City June 2022Bernardo Silva (twitter.com/BernardoCSilva)

Bernardo Silva was one of the players who wanted to leave Manchester City last summer of 2021, but was asked to stay on for another season. Guardiola even acknowledged that, but he was able to convince him to stay.

Although this season has remained impressive, his potential to leave the summer of 2022 remains open. Being away from family was one of the reasons the player wanted to leave. The Portuguese player reportedly dreams of playing for Real Madrid.

This season Manchester City played without a figure striker pure. Harry Kane failed to be found in the transfer market last summer. However, it is reported that they are not desperate and will be chasing him again in June 2022. On the other hand, there is a possibility that the five players above will be released to get fresh funds.

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