5 Popular Dish Ideas with Baklava Flavor

Baklava is one of the most legendary dishes in Turkey with a sweet taste and so tempting. Sensation of nuts wrapped in phyllo This pastry is so alluring, especially when added to using legit syrup.

Even so, it turns out that baklava can not only look original, but can also be combined with various popular dishes as a new taste innovation. Come on, take a look at five baklava creations so that you are more motivated to make this dish taste different.

1. Baklava cake

5 Popular Dish Idea with Baklava Flavor, Unbeatable!baklava cake illustration (pixabay.com/Renato De Santis)

The first food processing idea with baklava flavor is sponge cake. This dish feels special because of the combination of ingredients that also affect the final texture of the food.

The arrangement made in processing this dish consists of a honey-flavored sponge, where each layer will be completed using a mixture pistachios and honey. Then maximize the dish using spread buttercream tasteful pistachios as well as a sprinkling of other nuts that make it look similar to real baklava.

2. Baklava ice cream

5 Popular Dish Idea with Baklava Flavor, Unbeatable!baklava ice cream illustration (pixabay.com/NastasyaDay)

Then there is the ice cream baklava which is very appetizing, because the combination of ingredients used seems more exclusive and expensive. This is because there is the use of peanuts pistachios who became one signature from baklava.

The taste of ice cream will be even more special, because there is the use of honey which will be used as a source of sweetener from processed Homemade the. Can you imagine the freshness and sweetness of this legendary dish, right?

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3. Baklava crepe cake

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5 Popular Dish Idea with Baklava Flavor, Unbeatable!crepe baklava illustration (pixabay.com/Ji-yeon Yun)

Who among you is a lover of crepe or omelette that is so sweet and arranged on layers of dough? This cake is indeed very famous in the culinary world and some people call it mille crepes.

The omelette itself is generally prepared using flour, eggs, milk, and flavorings. But what makes it different is because there is a baklava flavor that is inserted in it. Nuts, butter, cinnamon, to honey, will be mixed as a coating for the omelette. So that the surface becomes more stable and able to add flavor.

4. Sponge cake baklava

5 Popular Dish Idea with Baklava Flavor, Unbeatable!illustration of sponge cake baklava (pixabay.com/kakuko)

Don’t want to miss it, sponge cake is one of the ideas to make the baklava taste even sharper. However, the arrangement will be made into more layers, so that the baklava taste becomes more delicious.

In the main dough of the sponge cake, you will find a mixture of nuts pistachios, cloves, to cinnamon which makes it taste spicy. Then there’s the syrup made of honey and layers filo pastry which makes sponge cake this is getting better.

5. Cheesecake baklava

5 Popular Dish Idea with Baklava Flavor, Unbeatable!cheesecake baklava illustration (pixabay.com/Dagny Walter)

In the last option, baklava can also be one of the flavors that is very suitable to be applied to preparations cheesecake. So you will get a different experience when tasting the dish containing the cream cheese.

The bottom layer is not arranged using biscuits, but using filo pastries. Then the top will be completed using cream cheese mixture mixed with honey. Lastly, give toppings which has been combined between honey and nuts to make it taste more like baklava.

Who would have thought, that it turns out that baklava can not only be served just like that, but is also suitable to be adapted as a new taste for various dishes. So, which snack do you like the most among the choices above?

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