5 Powerful Tips to Increase Confidence

Self-confidence is an important capital that can boost courage in doing everything. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to build their confidence so that they are trapped in a protracted sense of inferiority. However, actually self-confidence can be built and improved, you know.

Come on, follow some of the following powerful ways to increase your confidence. Guaranteed, feeling inferior will be far from your life.

1. Stop comparing yourself to others

5 Powerful Tips to Increase Confidence, Get Rid of Your Insecurities!illustration of silence (Unsplash.com/Andi Rieger)

Often the decline in self-confidence is not because of not having the ability, but rather when you compare yourself too often with others. When people’s achievements look impressive, we feel inferior as if we can’t achieve similar success.

In fact, it’s not necessarily that we can’t, you know. It’s the habit of comparing earlier that makes failure come faster. So, stop this negative habit so that your self-confidence can build and increase from time to time.

2. Start loving yourself more

5 Powerful Tips to Increase Confidence, Get Rid of Your Insecurities!Unsplash.com/Caroline Veronez

Self love it is often echoed by motivators and public figures to encourage self-love. Not narcissistic, sometimes self-love is very important for long-term mental health, including building self-confidence.

When you realize the importance self love, all things that are felt to threaten mental stability in building self-confidence will be easily dismissed. No wonder people are starting to be able to apply self loveseems more confident in everything he does.

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3. Acknowledge and accept self-doubt

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5 Powerful Tips to Increase Confidence, Get Rid of Your Insecurities!illustration of enjoying life (unsplash.com/Fernando Brasil)

It’s natural for everyone to feel doubt when they are about to start something. However, that does not mean that the doubts that arise should be allowed to grow and hinder the goals we want to achieve. It doesn’t matter if you start something with self-confidence that isn’t 100% full.

When you realize you have doubts, the first step is to acknowledge and accept it as part of the process towards success. Next, carry out your plan according to careful preparation. Slowly your self-confidence will increase as your process progresses.

4. Fight negative thoughts that arise

5 Powerful Tips to Increase Confidence, Get Rid of Your Insecurities!confident illustration (Unsplash.com/Thomas Mowe)

Not infrequently a decrease in the level of self-confidence can also come from internal factors such as negative thoughts that are raging inside. Unfortunately, we can get caught up in it and believe all bad things will happen. This is where the danger of negative thoughts if not immediately countered.

Try to stay positive even though many things in front of your eyes seem the opposite. Remember, what we think can also turn into reality. So, what’s wrong with a little ‘insist’ to think positively while continuing to do the best we can.

5. Apply the concept of self-compassion

5 Powerful Tips to Increase Confidence, Get Rid of Your Insecurities!happy illustration (Unsplash.com/Austin Distel)

Draft self-compassion each may sound quite foreign though it is nothing new in an effort to motivate oneself. This concept itself is actually close to a way of consoling oneself for the failures experienced. It’s true that failing can lower the level of self-confidence you have.

However, self-compassion comes as a ‘medicine’ that is able to calm anxiety through the process of laughing at yourself. When we are able to laugh at our own failures and stupidity, all burdens actually feel lighter. As a result, self-confidence is able to rise as if it has a second ‘life’.

It’s very human that sometimes our confidence level can go up and down. However, this does not mean that this is used as an excuse to let self-confidence plummet. Never give up to continue to work on ways to increase self-confidence so that you can immediately reap good results in the future.

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