5 Processed Servings with Telang Flower Milk, Nice to Look at!

In Indonesia, telang flower is one of the natural dyes obtained from blue plants, so that it can change the appearance of a dish to be more beautiful. Therefore, it is not surprising that this plant is a favorite for creative hands in the country.

To facilitate the process of mixing the telang flower with food or drink dough, there are usually other ingredients added to this composition, one of which is milk to increase convenience.

The use of telang flower milk is also very suitable to be applied in the following five meals, so that not only the color you get but the taste will also be more attractive and creamy. Come on, find out anything!

1. Pea flower milk

5 Processed Servings with Telang Flower Milk, Nice to Look at!telang flower milk illustration (unsplash.com/Sara Cervera)

The first dish, of course, still alludes to the processed telang flower milk drink. This drink can be an alternative, if you are bored with the same dish. In addition to attractive colors, the taste is no less delicious to taste, you know.

If you are interested in making this preparation, first you have to prepare dried telang flowers which will later be mixed with UHT milk, sugar, salt, water, and ice cubes so that the combination of drinks feels cooler and refreshing when enjoyed.

2. Pea flower milk pudding

5 Processed Servings with Telang Flower Milk, Nice to Look at!telang flower milk pudding illustration (unsplash.com/Cody Chan)

The next dish that is no less delicious to be created with telang flower milk, is none other than pudding. Although nowadays there are many gelatins that offer various types of attractive colors, but processing them naturally is still a dream.

In the process of cooking this dish, you need gelatin with a plain taste which will later be cooked together with milk, water, telang flower, and additional sugar. Stir, then allow the dish to cool and harden to enjoy with your favorite beverage.

3. Pea flower milk pie

5 Processed Servings with Telang Flower Milk, Nice to Look at!Eggplant milk pie illustration (pexels/Nataliya Vaitkevich)

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Next, there is the milk pie, which is one of the contemporary culinary icons, which is often cooked into the best business idea, to be used as hampers or small gifts. This food can be made into two sizes, namely large or small.

There are various fillings for milk pies, but they will be even more interesting when mixed with telang flower milk. The selection of UHT milk will be mixed with egg yolks, sweetened condensed milk, butter, and cornstarch which will make it denser.

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4. Fried eggplant milk

5 Processed Servings with Telang Flower Milk, Nice to Look at!fried telang flower milk illustration (pixabay.com/Mantaz Uddin

Recently, the Indonesian culinary industry was surprised by one of the ideas for processing fried milk which became a unique and soft snack when tasted. This bread-covered dish is really very interesting to try, with a variety of creations.

Not only the use of UHT milk, sweetened condensed milk, cornstarch, cheese, and water. But you can also add dried falcon flowers to it, to produce an interesting combination of color combinations. Once coated, you can immediately fry the dough.

5. Pea flower milk bread

5 Processed Servings with Telang Flower Milk, Nice to Look at!eagle flower milk bun illustration (Yummy/Aura Shareen)

Then the last one is the telang flower bread, this dish is one of the dishes that is quite often used as a creation for breakfast menu ideas or to boost hunger at certain times. The main ingredients for making it consist of yeast, water, and flour.

But in processing, you can mix the milk along with the telang leaf and additional coloring, if you want it to be sharper. After that, mix using margarine, flour, yeast, water, until sugar, and knead before putting in the oven.

Various kinds of dishes with a mixture of this flower-telang milk become so interesting. The dish will be more charming, so you get a bonus in the form of an increased appetite. Come on, try it!

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