5 Promises You Should Make to Yourself

It’s important for people to respect the promises they make to others and do all they can to keep them. However, why are so many people unable to keep their promises to themselves?

The obligations you make to yourself should be just as important as the obligations you make to others. Start with these five simple but profound promises to a better life for yourself.

1. I will smile every day

5 Promises You Must Make to Yourself for a Better Lifesmiley illustration (pixabay.com/Pexels)

Smiling puts someone in a better mood and makes you feel confident. A smile works as an energy booster and a stress reliever at the same time. Even pretending to smile will make you feel better and in a better mood than not smiling at all.

Smiling every day will improve the quality of your interactions with other people as well. You will have a greater chance of producing something positive in every situation.

2. I will live positively

5 Promises You Must Make to Yourself for a Better Lifeillustration of enjoying nature (unsplash.com/ Sonnie Hiles)

Promise yourself to live a positive life. You may have a hidden talent in life, but you’ll never know it unless you’re willing to think from a different perspective, get out of your comfort zone and be willing to do something you’ve never done. Some of the greatest inventions you enjoy today were invented by people who took what was there and turned it into what was possible.

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3. I will leave the past behind, but still take lessons to be learned

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5 Promises You Must Make to Yourself for a Better Lifebrooding illustration (pexels.com/Budgeron Bach)

Remembering the past doesn’t mean you have to carry it with you everywhere in life. Lessons from past experiences that should always be kept. Each lesson that is remembered serves as something to help shape the future you truly desire.

4. I will always live the way I want

5 Promises You Must Make to Yourself for a Better Lifebrooding illustration (unsplash.com/Maxim Chernishev)

Many people often live a life that others want to see, but never pursue happiness for themselves. It is important to remember that happiness cannot be achieved by satisfying someone else’s vision for life.

Live life the way you want to live it and contribute to the world in your own way. It is not a sin to satisfy your desires and your soul.

5. I will remember that the relationship is only temporary

5 Promises You Must Make to Yourself for a Better Lifebreakup illustration (pexels.com/RODNAE Productions)

People will come and go in life. When you think that you have met a good friend, the perfect business partner, or a true love that will accompany you until the end of your life, you may end up disappointed.

If you are missing a relationship in life, let it go and realize that relationships are often temporary. If there is a beginning then there must be an end too. There will be a farewell if there is a meeting.

The promises above will bring a positive effect in your life. However, only if you promise you intend to keep it in life. Ready?

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