5 Reasons Why Single Status Makes You Poor

Some people welcome single status with pleasure. It’s nice to be able to do many things freely without having this permission first with a partner, or being involved with drama in the relationship.

However, there are some who are saddened by their single status. Why be sad? The following five reasons could be the cause.

1. Thoughts at a certain age must be married

5 Reasons Why Single Status Makes You Poor, Age Is No Longer Young!wedding ring illustration (unsplash.com/@felipepelaquim)

The first thing that could be the cause of you being miserable with your single status that hasn’t changed yet, namely worrying about age. You already believe that at a certain age (eg 30 years) someone should be married. This is the reason you panic when you are no longer young.

If you believe that your soul mate is a mystery and that humans don’t have the prerogative to arrange it, then you don’t need to bother yourself by setting your own limits on when to get married. Why rush to get married, but it turns out to be the wrong partner. Remember, regret always comes later. So, chill out!

2. Feeling you don’t deserve to be loved

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The next cause you feel sad about your single status, which is measuring whether or not you deserve to be loved by the presence of a partner. You assume yourself that the absence of a partner shows that you are not worthy of love.

Duh, this thought should be thrown away, yes. If you still keep that perspective, even though you already have a partner, your relationship will likely not be good. How come?

How your partner treats you is generally reflected in how you treat yourself. Feelings that you don’t deserve to be loved make you vulnerable to being trapped in a toxic relationship, because you deify your partner too much later.

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3. Feeling left behind with other friends

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5 Reasons Why Single Status Makes You Poor, Age Is No Longer Young!family illustration (pexels.com/Elly Fairytale)

Often what makes life seem complicated is your own perspective which sees life as a competition. Including the way you deal with the presence or absence of a partner. People who are married or have a partner are considered more “achievement” or superior than those who are single.

Thinking like this is dangerous, you know. You tend to make marriage easy. Not really considered who will be a partner. The most important thing is the status changes from single Becomes double. It’s a hassle if it turns out to be the wrong partner for life, you know.

4. Social media “poisoning”

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The frequency of seeing a partner who couple goals, make you jealous of them and lament the state of your status that is still alone. Though, looking happy in timeline not necessarily what happens in real life.

It is this social media “poisoning” that often prompts you to compare what other people have and are absent from your life. In fact, it could be that people who already have a partner are jealous of the life you are living right now because they are considered to be much freer. Indeed, the neighbor’s grass is always greener.

5. Believing married status is much happier than alone

5 Reasons Why Single Status Makes You Poor, Age Is No Longer Young!married illustration (unsplash.com/Derek Thomson)

Mindset what is wrong is again the cause of you being miserable with the single status you are currently living. Presuming that getting married is definitely much happier than being alone makes you feel that something is incomplete with your current condition.

In fact, there could be a heart that is crying out there because it’s hard to get out of a toxic relationship. So, don’t assume too easily. What you see happy in other people’s lives, is not necessarily the reality. Therefore, just be grateful for this moment.

What you think will affect how you feel. Therefore, be careful with the mindset you believe in. Throw away negative thoughts related to your own status so you don’t feel sad all the time.

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