5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Overthink Before Trying Something

It’s very common when we want to take a certain opportunity, we weigh many things in our heads. Of course, this is done so that we can firmly decide which choice is the most appropriate to take.

However, not a few of us are still fond of thinking about many things before doing something. Yes, you could say overthinking. Of course, everyone has their own time and way of thinking. However, something in excess is not always good. Here are five reasons why you should avoid the behavior overthinking before trying anything.

1. So that your time is not wasted

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It’s true, if we want to do something, we certainly need careful consideration. However, there are times when we don’t need to worry too much about things when there is an opportunity in front of our eyes.

Instead, your time will only be wasted due to the many considerations that you think about. In fact, it could be that your time is used to do other important things, rather than thinking about something that is not clear whether you will take it or not.

2. So as not to lose the opportunity or opportunity

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Thinking too much will potentially make your chances go away. It could be, it turns out that there are other people who are faster to take the opportunity. If it’s like this, you’ll end up regretting it, right?

So, if there is an opportunity in front of your eyes, it’s better to think as necessary. Don’t worry too much about what the results will be. It is better to focus on the opportunities and processes that will be undertaken.

3. It could be that what you thought before turned out to be wrong

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There are many possibilities that could happen in the future. But if you guess too often or even immediately conclude that you will fail, you will actually lose one key to success.

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What must be known is that there is a possibility that the predictions you make will be wrong. It could be that you were originally going to succeed, but because you are always surrounded by a feeling of fear of failure, you finally can’t reach that moment.

In fact, daring to try is one way to find out the extent of our abilities. Not just because you want to succeed or get delicious. But learn and enjoy the process of achieving it.

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4. Not good for your mental health

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Usually, someone who thinks too much is often accompanied by anxious and negative feelings. Feeling anxious about something that hasn’t happened is normal for everyone. Even negative thoughts are sometimes needed so that we are more vigilant in making decisions.

But if you think about it for a long time, of course it’s not good for your mental health. You will be prone to stress due to being too uncertain about the decisions you want to make. Soreduce this bad habit, yes.

5. Your talent is difficult to develop if you overthink often

Minimal Benefits, 5 Reasons You Don't Need to Overthink Before Trying Somethingillustration of feelings of anxiety (pexels.com/Liza Summer)

Too afraid to face the bad reality, may be the reason why people end up thinking a lot before making a decision. It’s not wrong at all.

It’s a different story if you think too much about something, even to the point that you often miss the opportunities that arise. Of course it will make it difficult for you to develop later.

After all, not all the fears in your mind will be realized, really. Just try it first. Even if you fail later, use the experience as a lesson for you.

Again, the decision to consider many things before doing something is your right. You alone have the right to determine how long you think until you are ready to take action. However, hopefully the article above can be a lesson for all of us in responding to every moment that happens in life.

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