5 Serving Creations from Sweet and Fresh Peach Tea

Peach tea aka tea peach is a form of beverage that has an aromatic fruit taste. Its existence is so coveted, because it has a different flavor combination when compared to the usual tea.

Not only that, even peach tea can give birth to various interesting preparations in the form of drinks or food. The best choices have been summarized in the following five lists, so you can be more creative in cooking. Come on, find out!

1. Tea peach chiffon cake

5 Serving Creations from Sweet Peach Tea, So Fresh!peach chiffon tea illustration (pixabay.com/takedahrs)

The first meal that is best combined with flavored tea peach is chiffon cake. This food has a fairly common shape and also has a delicious taste. The resulting fibers make this snack softer and very suitable to be enjoyed with a cup of coffee.

The dough ingredients don’t only consist of flour, developer, and eggs. But there is oil and the use of tea in the form of peach tea powder. Then the whisking between the egg yolks and whites should be done separately to get a more perfect texture.

2. Peach trifle tea

5 Serving Creations from Sweet Peach Tea, So Fresh!peach trifle tea illustration (pixabay.com/NastasyaDay)

Tea taste sensation peach Next you will find it in one of the popular dishes called trifle. These foods are generally arranged into several layers, so that they get a more perfect texture combination and are also filling.

Use of tea peach can be mixed into cake batter. Then it can also be added to the dough heavy creamthen later arranged with caramel and fruit peaches.

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3. Ice peach tea

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5 Serving Creations from Sweet Peach Tea, So Fresh!peach iced tea illustration (pixabay.com/Binh Nguyen)

Turning to the drink option, this time the dish will feel even more refreshing because the fruit used is real fruit. Peach Original will add freshness while making the texture of the drink feel more exclusive than usual tea.

Use a combination of water, black tea, fruit slices peach, water, lemon, sugar, and additional mint leaves to add a cold sensation to the dish. Don’t forget to use ice cubes to make it fresher.

4. Peach Cupcake

5 Serving Creations from Sweet Peach Tea, So Fresh!peach cupcake tea illustration (pixabay.com/Veronica Bosley)

Next is the taste creation between tea peach you can find it in one of the creative snacks like cupcakes. The combination of tea and fruit contained will add freshness to this small dish to make it even more delicious.

Use of flavored tea peach These can be added to the main dough for making cakes. Then to make the taste even more delicious, also use these ingredients in the cream toppings so that it looks more festive and aromatic.

5. Peach cream cheese tea

5 Serving Creations from Sweet Peach Tea, So Fresh!peach cream cheese tea illustration (pixabay.com/俊哉 )

One of the contemporary drinks that cannot be avoided is the use of cream cheese in the dough which also functions as an addition to the sensation of taste and interesting texture. These creations can also be realized in drinks containing tea peach the following.

You can find not only the aroma of tea and the taste of fruit in the dish, but there is cream cheese that is placed on the top of the drink, to add value to the appearance of being more beautiful and the taste is maximized.

Tasty tea peach really spoil anyone’s tongue. The combination of fruit flavors is what makes this dish so popular, especially when it is made into the five dishes above.

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