5 Signs of Someone’s Kindness Not Sincere, There’s a Mod Behind It!

As humans who live side by side with others, it is only natural that you and those around you care about each other. However, when it comes to caring, you must know that not everyone who cares and does good is sincere. Some people have a specific purpose and mode of doing it.

That’s the goal, this time we will discuss some of the signs so that you know what kind of kindness is not really sincere. That way, you are not trapped in other people’s mode and can be wiser in seeing the goodness of others. Check out the five points below to see the signs, yes!

1. Exaggerating what he does until he gets your confession

5 Signs of Someone's Kindness Not Sincere, There's a Mod Behind It!speech illustration (pexels.com/Alexander Suhorucov)

Someone’s insincerity in doing good is marked by how he exaggerates the things he does to get recognition from you. This is actually a bit annoying, he won’t stop talking about his own good until you acknowledge what he’s doing.

Usually done by people who are hungry for recognition, where he will only care and do good if it can raise his name in front of others. True kindness is not done to help people, but only to fulfill his obsession with recognition from others.

2. Exposing his kindness on social media

5 Signs of Someone's Kindness Not Sincere, There's a Mod Behind It!illustration using a cellphone (pexels.com/Karolina Grabowska)

Don’t be overly touched by the kindness of others, especially if he openly exposes his kindness on social media. Social media is indeed a place to share moments and events with many people, but if he intentionally exposes something good he did, it means that he is not being sincere.

Why did it happen? Because, if he exposes to social media, it means he wants everyone to know what good he has done. He wants everyone to see him so that he is considered good. Deliberately looking humble and helpful, even though what is being pursued is praise and imagery.

3. Deliberately bringing up the good he has done in front of people

5 Signs of Someone's Kindness Not Sincere, There's a Mod Behind It!speech illustration (pexels.com/August de Richelieu)

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The third sign that someone’s kindness is not sincere is how he makes it a topic of conversation with other people. In other words, he deliberately brought up the good he had done in front of many people to be the center of attention.

The unpleasant thing about this is that you are the one receiving the kindness. It must be awkward when what happened in the past, then brought up again. Especially with him discussing it in front of other people, you have to thank him in front of other people.

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4. There are conditions that you must fulfill

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If there is someone who offers to help you but under certain conditions, then that is the clearest sign that his kindness is not sincere to you. It is clear that there is a mode behind the good he does. It’s not to help you, but for himself who wants something from you.

Even though in this situation you thank him for being kind to help, but it feels a little awkward because you yourself have to pay for the kindness by fulfilling the conditions he made. It is highly recommended not to arbitrarily agree to an agreement like this, especially if the conditions made are dangerous and detrimental.

5. Make it an excuse to be able to use you as a form of return

5 Signs of Someone's Kindness Not Sincere, There's a Mod Behind It!speech illustration (pexels.com/SHVETS production)

The last sign that someone’s kindness isn’t sincere to you is when they use it as an excuse to take advantage of you. People like this usually deliberately bring up his kindness to you when there is something he needs from you, the goal is for you to obey and want to grant it easily.

You must stay away from people like this, especially if they are co-workers or close relatives. Anyway, just keep your distance because it can become your weakness in his eyes, you will be in trouble if you don’t obey him because he will make you a bad person in the eyes of others by being labeled as an ungrateful and ungrateful person.

With these five points, it is hoped that you will be more careful when receiving kindness from others. Don’t let yourself lose out for a long time with the mode behind it.

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