5 Signs You Haven’t Appreciated the Principles of Friends

Everyone has their own life principles. Some really stick to this principle and can’t be bothered to change it in the slightest. This is also a sign of how strong the person’s determination and mentality is in carrying out his principles.

Likewise your friend, he has the right to have principles he wants to hold. Your job is to support the principle when it’s good and tell him when it’s bad. However, do not let you have one of the five signs below. Because that means you haven’t been able to appreciate the principles of your best friend’s life, you know.

1. You often invite him to argue about the principle

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Because you feel that something is not right with your own principles, you often invite your friends to argue about this. You can’t accept all that because it’s contrary to what you hold.

As a result, endless debate can occur. Because you refuse to admit that this friend of yours has the right and freedom to follow whatever principles he wants. As long as it’s good and doesn’t harm anyone, you have the right to respect it.

2. You sometimes still like to make fun of the principles he holds

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Likes to make a friend’s life principles the subject of jokes and ridicule is also a sign that you actually don’t think like him. You can not accept the principles of life that he holds. Whether it’s because of the principle that distances your relationship or due to other reasons.

Should, not to make fun of something as serious as the principle of life. If your friend misunderstood the meaning, this could be a big conflict in your friendship.

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3. Even behind your back you still like to talk about those principles

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5 Signs You Can't Appreciate the Principles Followed by Friendsbest friend illustration (pexels.com/Tim Douglas)

Continuing to discuss his life principles with other people and trying to gather opinions that his principles are wrong is also a sign that you don’t respect your friend. If there is something wrong, it’s best to talk to him directly, not talk about it behind his back.

Even if it turns out that he doesn’t agree and still sticks to his principles, you should be able to respect that. Moreover, you are a friend who of course already knows what his nature is like.

4. Deliberately provoke him to violate that principle

5 Signs You Can't Appreciate the Principles Followed by Friendsillustration of hanging out with friends (pexels.com/Pressmaster)

Whatever life principle your best friend holds, you should be able to respect it. Luring him to violate his own life principles is a sign that you have not been able to fully appreciate your friend.

You are very childish and don’t think about the consequences if you act like that. After all, your best friend has trusted you to be his closest person. You should have reminded him when he made a mistake and violated his life principles, not the other way around.

5. Not infrequently you also make the principle as a scapegoat

5 Signs You Can't Appreciate the Principles Followed by Friendschatting illustration (pexels.com/Andrea Piacquadio)

When he gets stuck in an uncomfortable situation or accidentally makes a mistake, you should be there to help him. However, if you blame him and his life principles, it means that you really can’t appreciate your best friend.

No matter how wrong your friend is, he needs you to strengthen him, not even blame himself. Plus, he’s in a position he’s not in mood to hear your talk on the principles. So you don’t have to make things worse, okay?

Everyone has the right to have their own principles in life. As long as it’s good and doesn’t harm him and others, you must respect it by not acting like the five points above.

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