5 Simple Things That Make You and Your Partner Misunderstand

Misunderstanding in a relationship usually becomes a kind of ticking time bomb which, if kept buried, will explode. Starting from thinking there is a third person or even feeling unloved. All of that can just appear in the mind if there is already a misunderstanding.

That’s why misunderstandings can be so fatal. It’s not impossible, couples can end up in separation if not addressed immediately, you know. To make it easier to deal with, first identify the cause, yes. Here are five simple things that usually cause misunderstandings in relationships.

1. Don’t understand your partner’s love language

5 Simple Things That Make You and Your Partner Misunderstandillustration of people fighting (pexels.com/Alex Green)

Knowing the outer and inner partner will make it easier for us to avoid misunderstandings. Especially, it’s really mandatory to know our partner’s love language. Is he the type to feel love through attention, action, or speech? Make sure you know this one very well, okay?

Because, mistakenly recognizing your partner’s love language can make you trapped in a relationship that is not harmonious. Your partner may think you are insensitive and no longer love him, you know.

2. Likes to conclude by himself

5 Simple Things That Make You and Your Partner Misunderstandillustration of a couple fighting (pexels.com/Timur Weber)

Habits like to conclude everything yourself is very risky to make misunderstandings. He who smiles when he sees gadgetsyou think is chat with the opposite sex. Or, he who suddenly likes to dress up, you conclude as an activity to seduce other men out there.

Duh, if it is forwarded without direct confirmation to the person, you might end up having a big fight just because of a conclusion that you made yourself. In fact, it could be that he is actually trying to tempt and attract your sympathy, you know.

3. Likes to be blunt without thinking about the partner’s feelings

5 Simple Things That Make You and Your Partner Misunderstandillustration of a couple arguing (pexels.com/Ketut Subiyanto)

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Some people love to talk this at length to their partner. Starting from trivial and funny things, to serious things. However, if you don’t think about it carefully before speaking, there could be one or two things that actually hurt your partner’s feelings, you know. Even though your intentions may be just kidding.

We don’t know maybe at that time mood partner is not good. Or, you start to discuss topics that are a bit sensitive for him. The point is, before talking, you must first think about the impact, yes.

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4. Ignoring a small problem

5 Simple Things That Make You and Your Partner Misunderstandcouple illustration (pexels.com/cottonbro)

Underestimating minor issues can also provoke misunderstandings in the relationship. Those of you who feel that it doesn’t need to be discussed and resolved, it is very possible to make your partner feel that they are being underestimated too. He’s starting to wonder if you’ve been in a serious relationship with him all this time or not.

You just miss small problems, especially if you are dealing with big problems. You might run away or even just blame someone else.

5. Rarely communicate

5 Simple Things That Make You and Your Partner Misunderstandsad couple illustration (Pexels.com/Creation Hill)

Lack of communication is also very potential to cause misunderstandings. Secretly all the time without knowing what is going on in your partner’s life. It must be really uncomfortable to be in a relationship like this.

Anyone would be easy to misunderstand and have bad thoughts if their partner rarely invites them to communicate. Because, the name of being in a relationship, of course, you need to talk and joke lightly like other couples, right?

Misunderstanding is easy to solve with communication. However, this does not mean that we will underestimate this conflict. Because if you keep it under wraps, misunderstanding can also be a complicated and difficult problem to decipher, you know. Approximately, from the five causes above, which one caused a misunderstanding in your relationship with him?

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