5 Things Related to Open Relationship

For those of you who only know the type of relationship is limited to dating and marriage, then this article might be able to open your mind. It turns out that, beyond the commonly known relationships, there are certain types of relationships that may be a little confusing for you.

The type of relationship is open relationship, where you and your partner both agree, apart from the two of you, in this relationship you can date other people too. Well, to find out more about this relationship, let’s look at 5 things related to open relationship.

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1. Not the same as cheating

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Many think open relationship it is a form of infidelity. However, to find out if this is cheating or not, you need to look at the situation and conditions. The reason is, from the start you have agreed to build an open relationship.

In some couples, they add a rule that it is mandatory to introduce a third person. Well, in that case, your partner can feel cheated on if you don’t introduce your new crush. But, because this relationship is open, it’s a bit difficult to say it was an affair.

2. Can only be done by people who really have a certain life goal

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For those of you who just live open relationship for reasons the partner asks or because they want to try it, you should think about this again. Because open relationship it requires commitment and clear goals. Because in fact only people who have a certain purpose in life can live it.

For example, your partner and you don’t want to commit to life. Automatically, marriage is far from list your life. Well, then this kind of relationship can run smoothly. However, if one of you still wants the relationship to become a commitment one day, it will be very difficult to realize it.

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3. It doesn’t mean the person who does it doesn’t have love in his heart

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Don’t assume that because of people who do open relationship If they can have a relationship with anyone, they automatically don’t love their first partner. Because love and loyalty are two different things. Love does not always have to be poured out every time.

Moreover, love is an emotion which can go up and down. But, when the levels are down, it doesn’t mean that love doesn’t exist, right? While loyalty does not have to talk about the problem of returning to the initial partner.

Even if you want to meet some people, you’re still a couple open relationship will return to each other. That’s the picture of loyalty in this relationship.

4. Don’t just talk about sex when

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Furthermore, dealing with a third person is also not just a matter of having sex. It’s also okay to have a relationship like a crush or boyfriend. So you don’t just have to have sex when you’re in a relationship with other people. Again, as long as you are comfortable with that person, a relationship can be established.

The problem of whether or not to have sex other than with the initial partner must of course be discussed again. Because this type of relationship is fragile, everything must be discussed before it is done, so that there are no misunderstandings in the future.

5. In some cases, the relationship can turn into 3 lovers

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Maybe you or your partner finally introduced your crush. After chatting and walking for a while, the three of you felt compatible with each other. As a result, the relationship was changed to 3 people. Again, all must be based on agreement.

Some can’t, some don’t have a problem with it. Again, this is the type of relationship that is anti-mainstream. When you don’t have a strong mentality and purpose, don’t do it.

Whether you want to try or not is in your hands. At least, with this discussion, you will understand that relationships are not always alone. There are certain types of relationships that exist in society. Your discretion is required in the case of this relationship.

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