5 Tips for Caring for Car Tires, So It Doesn’t Get Damaged

Jakarta, IDN Times – So that your car tires can last and work optimally, there are some tips that you can do. Some you can do yourself, some need the help of a workshop.

Indeed, there are several characteristics that indicate your car tires have to be replaced or not, but there’s nothing wrong with following some of these tips. To be sure, it will make you safer and more comfortable when you know the tires are well maintained.

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1. Do tire rotation

5 Tips for Caring for Car Tires, So It Doesn't Get DamagedPexels/Gerd Altmann

The purpose of rotating a car tire is to change the position of the tire, for example from a tire that was originally in the front moving to the back or vice versa. The front tires usually wear out earlier than the rear tires, because from the mechanism, the front tires have more friction when braking, not to mention the weight of the vehicle is also mostly towards the front.

By rotating this tire, the wear rate of the front and rear tires can be even. Quoted from Suzuki.co.id, tire rotation can be done when touching a distance of 10,000 km for normal speed. But if the car is often used at high speed, the rotation can be accelerated to 5,000 km.

2. Check tire pressure

5 Tips for Caring for Car Tires, So It Doesn't Get DamagedTire illustration. (IDN Times/Dwi Agustiar)

The next tip so that the tires last longer is to check the air regularly. You can do this tire check once a month, but it’s better if you do it every two weeks.

Car tire pressure must be maintained, because there will be negative effects if the tires are under-inflated or over-inflated. The appropriate tire pressure guide is usually placed by the manufacturer on the side of the car’s driver’s door.

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3. Don’t forget the spare tire

5 Tips for Caring for Car Tires, So It Doesn't Get Damagedwired.com

Now this is what is often forgotten by car drivers, namely checking the condition of the spare tire or spare tire. You have to regularly check the spare tire because at any time it can be very necessary.

The only treatment is to check the air pressure and also the appearance of the spare tire itself, if it is dirty, you should clean it or if it is not suitable for use, it should be replaced. To make it easy, you can check the spare tire when checking the car tire air.

4. Spooring and balancing

5 Tips for Caring for Car Tires, So It Doesn't Get DamagedIDN Times/IDN Times

Function spooring is to realign the position of the four wheels of the car as before, according to the factory settings. This is done to restore the balance of the four tires, especially the right and left wheels so that they can be aligned.

Temporary balancing, aims to balance the top-bottom or right-left points of the car wheels by adding lead in the missing parts, so that the wheels spin straight. By doing spooring and balancingcar tires can also work more optimally.

5. Check the condition of the car tire valve

5 Tips for Caring for Car Tires, So It Doesn't Get DamagedTire shop illustration. (IDN Times/Dwi Agustiar)

The last thing you can do is check the condition of the car tire valves. For rubber car valves, they can be damaged if the material is brittle. While the valve made of metal, has a weakness in the nuts and rubber rings that function to prevent air from escaping. Also make sure the valve cap is attached properly.

If you don’t pay attention to the condition of the car tire valve, it’s not impossible if the tire pressure leaks from there. How to find out the condition of the tire valve is fairly easy too, just give it soapy water and see if there are air bubbles or not. If there are bubbles, it means the valve has leaked!