5 Tips for Making Cheesy Potato BBQ Ribs Using a Slow Cooker

Beef ribs are easy to turn into a delicious dish. You can make it by baking, frying, or boiling it. In addition, you can also turn it into a traditional dish western like barbecue ribs with cheesy potatoes.

The dish serves ribs cooked with sauce barbecue with cheesy potatoes as a carbohydrate companion. The following are tips for making BBQ ribs with cheesy potatoes which Devina Hermawan shares through her channel. Come on, look at the following!

1. Wrap the ribs in aluminum foil if you want to bake

5 Tips to Make BBQ Ribs Cheesy Potato Using a Slow Cooker, Practical! illustration of aluminum use (pixabay.com/monicore)

Barbecue ribs often found on the menus of restaurants serving western cuisine. This dish can be served grilled, grilled, or steamed until finally given the sauce glazing flavor barbecue.

Of course, you can make this dish in various ways according to your taste. If you prefer grilled dishes, you will need to wrap the ribs in aluminum foil so that the marinade is more pervasive and the meat is tender.

2. Cook at a low temperature of about 85 degrees Celsius

5 Tips to Make BBQ Ribs Cheesy Potato Using a Slow Cooker, Practical! slow cooker illustration (unsplash.com/Zhisheng Deng)

You can also make dishes barbecue ribs by using slow cooker. Cook the ribs on a low temperature or around 85 degrees Celsius for 4 hours. This step will produce a nice texture later juicy.

Don’t forget to marinate with dry spices such as palm sugar, paprika powder, salt, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and cumin powder beforehand. This is so that the ribs are rich in taste, not bland when eaten.

3. Avoid cooking barbecue sauce with meat from scratch

5 Tips to Make BBQ Ribs Cheesy Potato Using a Slow Cooker, Practical! barbecue sauce illustration (unsplash.com/@clockwork_lemon)

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This dish can be made using instant sauce or homemade. On step In this case, there are important things that need to be considered so that your food is more delicious when eaten. Make sure you avoid cooking the sauce berbecue with meat for a long time.

Because, the combination of these two ingredients can create a different aroma and taste than it should. Therefore, use sauce barbecue after the meat is cooked and cooked briefly to coat the meat. Not cooked together, yes.

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4. Cheesy potato can be made together

5 Tips to Make BBQ Ribs Cheesy Potato Using a Slow Cooker, Practical! The process of making cheesy potatoes (youtube.com/Devina Hermawan)

It’s different with cheesy potatoes. You can make it by wrapping it in aluminum and putting it inside slow cooker with meat. Just mix the potato wedges, parmesan, creamer, milk, egg yolk, salt, sugar, nutmeg powder, garlic powder and flour.

Put half the potato mixture, sprinkle with cheese mozzarella on. Next, pour in the remaining potatoes and sprinkle again with cheese mozzarella. Cover with aluminum foil and put in during cooking time ribs 1-2 hours remaining.

5. Use BPA free aluminum foil

5 Tips to Make BBQ Ribs Cheesy Potato Using a Slow Cooker, Practical! BPA free aluminum illustration (pixabay.com/RitaE)

This last tip is no less important. When using aluminum for cooking in the oven or steamer, pay attention to the aluminum material. Often underestimated, the use of ingredients when cooking can have an impact on health, you know.

Therefore, don’t forget to use aluminum foil which is safe for health. For example, choose a product that lists CPA free or does not contain harmful substances when heated.

Those are five tips for cooking BBQ ribs with cheesy potatoes by using slow cookers. The taste is guaranteed to be delicious and just as delicious as the one in the restaurant. Good luck!

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