5 Ways One Can Avoid Heartache

Heartache is difficult to detect because the wound is not visible to the naked eye. So, it’s also very easy to outwit other people and make yourself look fine, even though your heart is upset.

Not only in front of other people, some of us also like to deceive ourselves and choose to avoid heartache. The reasons are of course various. Some don’t want to look weak, some don’t want to be played by others.

Whatever the reason, here are five ways a person avoids heartache. Which do you do or do you often do?

1. Deny and pretend nothing happened

5 Ways One Can Avoid Heartache, Flee from Reality?brooding illustration (pexels.com/Liza Summer)

The first way that people often do to avoid hurt feelings is to practice denial. Such people usually refuse to admit that they are hurting. So, they try to act normal.

As if nothing had happened, someone who enjoyed denying like this was very good at deceiving others. But in his heart he actually felt sad and uneasy.

2. Looking for an outlet or other entertainment

5 Ways One Can Avoid Heartache, Flee from Reality?illustration of people eating (pexels.com/Andrea Piacquadio)

The second way to avoid hurt feelings is to find another outlet. Holidays with friends, day trips, shopping, to eat well. Everything this kind of person will try to distract from thoughts about his heartache.

As long as it’s still positive, looking for an outlet like this is certainly not a problem, right? As long as we still know the limits and don’t overdo it and look for justifications because we are hurt.

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3. Make the incident a joke

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5 Ways One Can Avoid Heartache, Flee from Reality?illustration of people making friends (pexels.com/George Milton)

For people who are used to acting funny or having a slightly more humorous side than other people, heartache is another source of ideas for jokes. For him, his hurt will always have a way to be laughed at with his friends or closest people.

Laughing at his heartache became a kind of medicine that spared him the melancholy pain. Even so, sometimes this kind of person is still sad too, you know. Especially when he’s alone.

4. Channeling negative emotions in a positive way

5 Ways One Can Avoid Heartache, Flee from Reality?illustration drawing (pexels.com/Andrea Piacquadio)

Avoiding heartache can also be done by someone by channeling it through positive activities. Painting, writing, composing songs, and so on can be tried so as not to drag on in sadness. After all, when we are hurt, our inspiration is usually abundant, right?

There are just things that suddenly we can make a work. Sadness is not good, but on the other hand, it turns out that we can use it to be creative.

5. Be logical and don’t want to bother

5 Ways One Can Avoid Heartache, Flee from Reality?illustration of playing gadgets (pexels.com/Keira Burton)

For the logical, heartache is something that will not be able to make him a different person. It’s called sadness because of heartache, you don’t need to think too much. It is enough to feel it for a moment and then forget it.

For people like this, bringing the hurt to the deepest feelings will only interfere with the pattern of life that he has adopted. So, the heartache for him does not need to be bothered and fussed about.

No one wants to experience heartache. However, avoiding like anything, it seems that this one pain will always come to anyone. Have you ever tried to avoid hurt yourself?

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