5 Ways to Anti Mainstream PDKT, Use Music, Come on!

Watch a movie or dinner maybe the thing you have done for PDKT. However, afraid crush Are you bored with the same date? If you want to try a different dating experience, try approaching it through music.

Approaching through music doesn’t mean you have to have musical abilities. You can also do this series of ways so that the approach process is not boring. Guaranteed, your chances are 100 percent sure!

1. Share playlist

5 Ways to Anti Mainstream PDKT, Use Music, Come on!illustration of listening to music (pexels.com/Ivan Samkov)

You have playlists your favorite song? Feel free to share it with your crush. Playlists Music is one way to open the door to conversation in the approach phase. From here you can also find out the taste of music, who knows you have the same taste in music.

It doesn’t matter if your taste in music is different, for example, you prefer to listen to music rock, while he prefers music pop. Do not immediately close the topic of conversation just because of these differences. You can dig deeper into the genre of music he likes. If necessary, just add it in playlists-your!

2. Play music together

5 Ways to Anti Mainstream PDKT, Use Music, Come on!illustration of playing guitar (pexels.com/Anna Tarazevich)

Having the same hobby with a partner is certainly very fun. If you and your crush have a hobby of playing music, maybe playing music together can be the right activity to approach. Quality time so it’s more fun and useful by doing a hobby.

Find out in advance what musical instruments he can play. If he can’t play an instrument, you can ask him to sing while you accompany him on the guitar. Besides being productive, this activity can also build chemistry and make the relationship closer.

3. Watch a concert

5 Ways to Anti Mainstream PDKT, Use Music, Come on!concert illustration (pexels.com/picjumbo.com)

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Watching concerts is usually more fun when done with friends. However, this activity can also be done with your crush, you know. Don’t make your own choices, it’s better to discuss them together, lest one of you doesn’t enjoy the concert.

Even though the moment of watching a concert needs to be captured, don’t be too busy recording with your cellphone. If you go to their favorite singer’s concert, you can find out and memorize the lyrics of the song. So, while watching a concert you don’t just sit still and can still do it sing along, here.

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4. Visit the music store

5 Ways to Anti Mainstream PDKT, Use Music, Come on!illustration of visiting a music store (pexels.com/cottonbro)

If you still like walking around town looking at old musical instrument stores and record stores, maybe this activity can also be used as an idea for a date. Choose a music store that is large, fully equipped and comfortable. Atmosphere vintage The aesthetic is also very suitable as a photo moment for the two of you.

This activity can make you understand each other more by exchanging ideas about the genre of music and musicians you like. Don’t just look around, if you need to buy a cassette he wants so that this date moment will always be remembered in his heart.

5. Carpool karaoke

5 Ways to Anti Mainstream PDKT, Use Music, Come on!illustration of driving a car (pexels.com/Rachel Claire)

Traffic jams together with your crush can be boring if you don’t have a topic to talk about. Instead of having trouble finding a fun topic to talk about, it’s better to play your favorite CD, radio, or even play it playlists and sing along. Choose a song that you both like and memorize the lyrics.

However, make sure volume radio is not too loud so as not to disturb other motorists. Not only releasing fatigue, taking him karaoke in the car can also show that you are an expressive person and not boring. Don’t worry if your crush’s voice is bad, just enjoy the excitement of this moment!

There are so many ways you can do when you approach your crush. To be effective, approach him by doing hobbies together. A series of tips for approaching music through the above you must try. Guaranteed the relationship will be stickier!

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