5 Ways to Calm Your Mind when Your Heart Is Not In a Hurricane, Try Doing It

Humans are creatures who are given the mind to think and the heart to feel things. Both must be balanced to get happiness in life. However, when a person is experiencing problems in his life, usually the two are often out of balance.

For example, when your heart is hurt by something like, you just broke up with your lover, lost your job, failed to achieve your goals, and so on. When the heart is in turmoil, one’s mind usually cannot be calm. There’s just something that becomes a burden on your mind that doesn’t make you comfortable. Well, that your days may be peaceful. Come on, try these five ways to calm your mind, when your heart is in a bad mood.

1. Looking for the cause that makes you uneasy

5 Ways to Calm Your Mind When Your Heart Is Not In A Hurricane, Distract Your Attentionbrooding illustration (pexels.com/Dids)

The first way to make your mind calmer is to find the main source of something that is weighing you down. Try to think back, what things make you uncomfortable. Is it because of someone or because of a lot of work, and so on.

After you know for sure what things make you uneasy, then the next step to reduce the pressure within yourself you can find the right way. Different problems, of course the handling is different. Find the best and most suitable solution for you.

2. Learn to distract

5 Ways to Calm Your Mind When Your Heart Is Not In A Hurricane, Distract Your Attentionillustration of doing a hobby (pexels.com/Michael Burrows)

When your heart is sad and depressed, it will usually have an impact on your mind which is often not calm. Feeling the pressure in life, it is very possible to make your emotions erratic. Sometimes you are stable, but often you are unstable. Usually this condition makes you often angry, to blame yourself and others.

To calm your mind when your heart is in turmoil, try to distract yourself. Change the things you focus on into something else and definitely have to be positive. The key is to try to stop the thoughts that make you uneasy. The condition of the heart that is in a bad state, don’t let it affect your mind so that you can no longer feel calm.

3. Learn to regulate breathing patterns well

5 Ways to Calm Your Mind When Your Heart Is Not In A Hurricane, Distract Your Attentionillustration of a person breathing (pexels.com/Kelvin Valerio)

Regular breathing patterns can make your mind calm, even if your heart is restless. Try the following breathing techniques. Inhale deeply from the nose, then exhale through the mouth slowly. Do this as often as possible, especially when you are not calm.

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Good and regular breathing techniques are very effective in helping you calm the mind and heart that are anxious, worried, and restless. It seems simple, but if you do it regularly, the results are very satisfying. The mind that was previously unsettled and the heart that is easily ignited by emotions, becomes free from all burdens so that you will feel more peaceful.

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4. Try to take a break from various activities

5 Ways to Calm Your Mind When Your Heart Is Not In A Hurricane, Distract Your AttentionIllustration of taking a break from work (pexels.com/riciardus)

The heart is in a state of chaos, so the mind is always flying without a clear direction. However, you still force yourself to carry out various activities. If you continue to do this, then peace of mind will be increasingly difficult for you to get.

Try to take a moment for you to take a break from all kinds of busyness. Look for activities that can make your mind more stable and clear again. For example, doing a hobby or just resting has really helped you in getting calm every day.

5. Be grateful for all the situations you are facing

5 Ways to Calm Your Mind When Your Heart Is Not In A Hurricane, Distract Your Attentionillustration of grateful people (pexels.com/Magic K)

The mind is confused because the heart is not okay. Whatever problems you are facing, try to be grateful for all the current situations. Even though the condition of the heart is uncertain, keep learning to be grateful for it. Be grateful that you can still breathe and be active.

Maybe circumstances force you to continue to struggle in a lot of pressure, but still be grateful for everything. It’s not easy, to be grateful when you are in an unpleasant situation. Keep trying, if you are able to be grateful when conditions are difficult, then your mind will still be able to feel calm. That way, you will no longer feel anxious.

The heart is restless and causes the mind to be restless, it will not hinder you from getting peace. You should do the five ways above when you are in an unpleasant situation. When the heart is sad, it often makes the mind go wild. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get peace.

When your heart is easily ignited by emotions, don’t let your thoughts follow that too. If your mind and heart can’t work together well with each other, then later on you will be the one who will lose even more, both physically and mentally.

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