5 Ways to Check Original or Fake Samsung For All Types (Accurate!)

Samsung is one of the most prominent smartphone brands with a production range that covers almost all countries in the world. Unfortunately, there are still many fake Samsung smartphone products in circulation, so consumers need to know how to check whether Samsung is genuine or fake.

In the current era of globalization, there are more and more circulations of counterfeit goods, most of these fake goods are in the form of imitation smartphones or cellphones. At first glance, there is almost no difference between the real and the fake, so special methods are needed.

Although it is overlooked by most people, making sure whether the Samsung cellphone is genuine or not is actually quite important. The reason is, if you get a fake Samsung, then the HP performance will not be as expected.

Counterfeit Samsung phones generally have much lower specifications than the original. Although in terms of prices, many are found cheaper, but don’t expect more from fake Samsung cellphones because the performance of these cellphones cannot be equated with the original.

5 Effective Ways to Check Samsung or Fake

With the development of the times, it also makes manufacturers of counterfeit goods more specific to make imitations or duplicates of genuine Samsung products. However, the fact is that there are certain things that can specifically differentiate between genuine and fake products.

This difference can be a kind of guide for you if you doubt the originality of Samsung smartphones on the market. Here are 6 ways to check or distinguish between genuine or fake Samsung cellphones that you can try.

1. Check Through Secret Code

how to check original or fake samsung mobile with a secret code

Original Samsung smartphones are designed to be able to execute certain code, which can only be run on the original version. If your Samsung smartphone fails to execute this, it is most likely that you are using a fake Samsung device.

The reason is, counterfeit products are definitely not equipped with hardware like the original version of the device. This code is a combination of the exact same numbers when you check your credit or IMEI on your cell phone.

Here’s how to check for genuine or fake Samsung phones with a secret code:

  1. Open the dial menu as you would a normal phone call.
  2. Type the number combination *#1234# then press Call or Call.
  3. You will get information about the type of HP and others.
  4. If true, then the Samsung cellphone is confirmed to be original.
  5. Finished.

However, if your Samsung smartphone fails to run this code, it is most likely a fake product. The first method is quite accurate to determine whether the Samsung cellphone is original or not.

2. Physical Equipment for Samsung HP

check Samsung original or fake

The second way to check whether Samsung is genuine or fake is to look at the physical completeness and performance of the smartphone you are using. As an original manufacturer, Samsung has actually realized that they need to make products that are physically unique so that they cannot be imitated.

Counterfeit Samsung usually has a sloppy physical appearance like the original version, so it will be a little easier to tell the difference between the two. What’s more, counterfeit products are also not equipped with capable hardware devices.

Here’s a check guide:

  • Check the brightness of the smartphone you are using. The original Samsung version will bring out vibrant colors on the other hand, the fake Samsung will display dull colors.
  • The Power and Volume buttons on the original smartphone will be separated by a reasonable distance. In contrast to counterfeit products that have some distance between the two buttons.
  • Check the surface of the smartphone screen, if it feels like plastic that breaks easily and doesn’t look like fiber glass then it’s most likely a fake or imitation Samsung.
  • Sensors from genuine Samsung products are known to be very responsive to touch, this is different from counterfeit products which are not responsive.

3. Check Smartphone IMEI

how to check original or fake Samsung via IMEI

This third method is a mainstay for users who want to know whether the product is genuine or fake. IMEI is an acronym for International Mobile Equipment Identity, a unique number that is owned by every smartphone device.

Ideally a smartphone will have an IMEI number for identification purposes. Counterfeit Samsung products obviously don’t have an IMEI number because they are manufactured illegally.

You can follow how to check for genuine or fake Samsung via IMEI below:

  1. Go to the Settings menu or Settings on your Samsung cellphone.
  2. Click the About Phone menu, a description of the IMEI serial number will appear in this menu.
  3. Visit the official IMEI check site via this link imei.kemenperin.go.id.
  4. Enter the IMEI number that you got through the About Phone menu.
  5. If so, the results will appear.

If the IMEI number is valid, it will display a description of the type and specifications of the HP according to what you have. On the other hand, if not, it is certain that the Samsung cellphone is a fake.

4. Smartphone Performance Test

how to check samsung original or not

Smartphones that are indeed original produced by Samsung, especially in newly purchased conditions, will display fast and responsive performance. In contrast to counterfeit products, which usually fail when trying to run heavy programs.

This is because the fake Samsung did not go through the production process like the original version. So there will be counterfeit components that are only intended to make the fake product similar to the original, not to guarantee performance.

  • Use Camera to Take Pictures: Original Samsung products will always display shots that match the camera resolution. If the camera resolution is high, the photos will also be good, while the camera resolution for fake products tends to be more blurry.
  • Duration When Turning Off The Phone: Newly purchased genuine Samsung smartphones will certainly be very fast and responsive in translating commands to turn off the phone. While the fake version will take longer.
  • Try Using For Multitasking: The components of fake Samsung products are definitely not as good as the original version, as a result when the smartphone is used for multitasking it will feel sluggish or sluggish.

5. Compare Dusbook to Device

Samsung with Dusbook

Counterfeit smartphones will usually also be equipped with a box to convince consumers that the product is genuine. However, the information contained in the box will almost certainly not be the same as the device.

You can try to compare the information in the box with the smartphone. If there is the slightest difference, it can be ascertained that the smartphone is a fake or fake product.

Distinguishing genuine and fake Samsung products does require accuracy, it will be easier if you are a long time Samsung user. However, for those of you who are not Samsung users, you can follow the guide on how to check for a genuine or fake Samsung above.