5 Ways to Choose Melon So You Can Get a Fresh one

We may often hear or even often try this green round fruit. This sweet fruit is indeed often used as a composition in making ice and other desserts because of its sweet taste and fresh for consumption, especially after being left cold. With its round shape and fresh green color, anyone will not be able to resist the charm of this sweet fruit. However, do you know how how to choose melon the right one and right for consumption, especially as a drink menu for breaking the fast?

For those of you who are curious about how how to choose melon fresh and sweet, let’s see what it is!

1. The outer appearance of a melon determines its quality

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Before choosing melons, of course, we want melons with good quality and fresh. We can find the melon by paying attention to how it looks from the outside. Fresh melon appearance with a yellowish color, and thick skin tissue can be an indication of freshness. Make sure there are no bruises, cuts, or scratches when buying melons for fear that it will degrade the quality inside.

2. Pay attention to the mass or weight of the melon

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We can recognize a ripe melon easily and simply. How to choose melon the most effective way is to compare the weight or mass of the load. Generally, melons that are ripe and have a high water content tend to be heavier than regular melons. The shape is not perfectly round, but oval or slightly oval. This is what can distinguish ripe melons from those that are still raw.

3. Hear the echo on the melon

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Melon turns out to be able to produce an echoing sound to indicate the level of maturity. The method is very easy, that is, by simply tapping on the outside of the melon and listening for an echo when tapped? When we hear the echo, the louder and louder it sounds, the higher the level of ripeness of the melon.

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4. Distinctively fragrant

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We can also look for indications of ripeness through the resulting aroma. The distinctive aroma of melon will tend to be more ripe, fragrant, and distinctive. If we find a melon with a characteristic aroma like that, it can be said that the melon is ripe and delicious and sweet to eat.

5. The seeds are easy to loose

5 Ways to Choose Melon So You Can Get a Fresh oneepicurious.com

How to choose melon Another thing you can pay attention to is after you buy a melon and start splitting it. You can try to shake or shake the melon in the air, if the seeds drop or shake easily then it can be ascertained that the melon is ripe, and vice versa if we choose raw melon.

Well, 5 how to choose melon The above can be information for those of you who want to buy a good and sweet melon for consumption, especially in the month of Ramadan as a fresh drink. What do you think?

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