5 Ways to Distinguish Original or Fake Android Phones (Replica/Super Copy) This Year’s Latest

The Right Way to Distinguish the Original Android Phone / Cellphone from the Fake or Replica / Super Copy easily.

Android phones can no longer be separated from humans and have even become a mandatory requirement for humans, because everything can be done from an Android phone. .

Did you know that the most widely used smartphone is an Android smartphone, with many mobile phone manufacturers in circulation.

There are two types of cellphones that we can find, namely original androids from brands and sometimes there are also fake ones or not from brands that only resemble that.

Talking about fake Android phones, and also in this article will give the difference between real and fake Android phones.

Now there are lots of KW or super copy android phones circulating in the smart phone sales market.

Of course, this is very disturbing, moreover, this kw and original cellphones are increasingly difficult to distinguish.

Although it is difficult to distinguish them physically or physically, we can still be aware of them by checking certain things, and among them you can listen to them below.

How to tell the difference between real and fake phones

How to Distinguish Fake Android Phones

Indeed, at first glance it will look the same, and for a long time, people start doubting security when they feel that their performance has decreased.

If you first buy it it looks the same and it’s hard to tell the difference in looks and performance, and a few days later it feels different.

Here’s how to tell the difference between a real phone and a fake.

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1. Check IMEI

The first thing you have to do is to use push dial *#06# then call, a series of numbers will appear, namely your mobile number.

If the phone is using dual SIM, it will have 2 IMEI, then you can also check the IMEI number which is on the body on the back of the android phone.

If you already know the IMEI number, you can check it on the following website.

Copy or type in the IMEI number that appears earlier, it’s up to you to see it in the dusbook on the Android dial, or on the Android phone.

Then you will find information about your android phone, make sure the information is correct and in accordance with the specifications listed either from the box or the book,

2. Check and Compare HP Specifications

Now the third way is certainly easier to do, when the Android cellphone that you buy at an official outlet or dealer is definitely a friend of the original cellphone.

Now if you buy at the regular counter which may be a replica, to avoid that you can find out the specifications.

Of course guys, when the original phone is better than the replica phone, the purpose of the replica is to fake it using below specifications of the original phone.

Of course, my cellphone will be very far from the performance comparison of the original cellphone,

On the basis of comparison, we found a number of deviations, namely, when the status bar of the real android phone with the fake one is different.

To find out you can find out the type of CPU/processor of your phone using the app on your android phone CPU Z.

Next, just compare what appears with the specification information on the internet, so if it’s the same it means the original and if it’s not the same means it’s wrong.

3. Check KIES / SUITE

Next you can check KIES, the method is to call / call by pressing the code *#0*# the result will appear, otherwise the original test mode will appear and false not.

You can also connect Android to COMPUTER (USB outfit). Next on you download the application suite for your android phone.

For example, on a Lenovo phone, then you search on Google to download Lenovo Suite COMPUTER “then the results will appear. You can download it.

Next, install the application on your COMPUTER, once connected and the application is installed, then open the application.

If indeed it is genuine then the kies / code will be detected and according to what is listed, while on the KW phone there is none.

It is very clear that the difference looks very striking when we get to know him more.

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4. Camera Test

This check also needs computer help, you are trying to take pictures of your surroundings with your android phone.

Next you connect Android with COMPUTER (by USB) if you have opened folder from COMPUTER on Android phone.

If you have found a photo, right click on photo > Click click > Properties > Click Summary > Click advanced.

You can pay attention to the “Camera Model” and “Equpment Make” sections, so you can see from your cellphone model.

5. Check OS

Next you can compare your Android operating system, it’s quite easy, click the Settings menu > About Phone > Android Version.

Well, if it appears you are trying to check the specifications used by Android brands and types of phones on the internet, compare if they are definitely the same.

But not everything is like that, make sure you have checked the previous steps.

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Thus our article on How to Distinguish Original or Fake Android Phones (Replica / Super Copy), hopefully it can help you in choosing a real or fake cellphone.

See you again in our next article. Thank you,