5 Ways to Get ‘Glass Skin’ Skin According to Experts, Bye Dull!

Based on internal research from Skin Soul by Amanda Manopo, 54.3 percent of women aged 18-14 years in Indonesia experience dull skin problems. For that, Skin Soul issued a series face care “Glass Skin Series” which was launched virtually on Wednesday (9/3/2022).

Departing from these problems, Angelica Manopo as the Chief Marketing Officer of Skin Soul by Amanda Manopo, saw that Indonesian women can still have skin like skin. glass skin that looks healthy, moist, and bright. According to dr. Arini Widodo, SpKK as dermatologistThis condition certainly needs to be supported by proper dull skin care.

“Tropical skin when healthy it will look bright or smooth. That’s the identity that describes glass skins. We can get it by maintaining and caring for the skin to keep it healthy,” he said.

In this launch event, dr. Arini also explained the effective steps that we must take to treat the skin so that it is not dull and becomes more radiant. Come on, read the article to the end, OK!

1. Clean the skin well

5 Ways to Get 'Glass Skin' Skin According to Experts, Bye Dull!dr. Arini Widodo and Angelica Manopo (doc. Skin Soul)

“First, we have to clean the skin well. It depends on what we use. When using make-up thick, of course method double cleansing would be highly recommended,” said Dr. Arini.

Dr. Arini said that the order of use skincare for each person it is different because the needs of the skin are also different. The point is, you have to be able to clean your face until it’s really clean. Also, it’s important to use a cleanser that doesn’t irritate the skin and make it too dry.

For that content like snail mucin and hyaluronic acid which is used in Skin Soul Snail Lumiwhite Facial Wash “Cleanse, Bright, and Moist”, can help the regeneration process and lock in skin moisture.

2. Make sure the skin is moist

5 Ways to Get 'Glass Skin' Skin According to Experts, Bye Dull!Angelica Manopo in Virtual Press Conference Launching Skin Soul Face Care “Glass Skin Series” (doc. Skin Soul)

According to dr. Arini, glass skin it’s not a medical term, but the condition of the skin is smooth, shiny, good texture, pores are not too visible. Angelica Manopo also explained that the series of face care This is specifically for healthier skin. To achieve this condition, then your skin must be moisturized.

Well, don’t forget to use a moisturizer or series skincare others that can increase skin hydration. Also match the moisturizer you use with your skin type.

“There are various types of moisturizers. Some are humectants or hyaluronic acid which attracts water to the skin. Or prevent the water from evaporating from the skin, it’s called an occlusive moisturizer, like rosemary oil. There are moisturizers that enter between our skin and emollients like shea butter, ceramide,” he said.

3. Always protect the skin

5 Ways to Get 'Glass Skin' Skin According to Experts, Bye Dull!dr. Arini Widodo, SpKK in Virtual Press Conference Launching Skin Soul Face Care “Glass Skin Series” (doc. Skin Soul)

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Pollution and dirt are one of the factors that cause skin to become dull and unhealthy. Therefore, an important step that should not be missed every day is to protect the skin with sunscreen.

“Any skincare that we use, always end with sunscreen. So, remember that sunscreen is the last stage because it can protect skincare degraded and protect the skin from the bad effects of the sun,” added Dr. Arini.

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4. Find out your skincare needs based on the cause of dull skin

5 Ways to Get 'Glass Skin' Skin According to Experts, Bye Dull!Skin Soul Face Care “Glass Skin Series” (doc. Skin Soul)

In addition to having to do the three things above, you also need to find out the cause of your skin problems. Well, you can start taking care of your skin based on that cause.

There are several causes of dull skin, such as a buildup of dead skin cells. For that, you need to exfoliate your skin regularly physical and chemicals. For those with sensitive skin, it would be better to exfoliate regularly chemical use salicylic acid or retinol which accelerates skin regeneration.

For dull skin due to pigmentation, you can use products that contain liquorice, niacinamide, or retinol. Meanwhile, dry skin due to dehydration can be overcome with snail filtrate, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, aloe vera.

“Dry skin is also related to lifestyles. Lifestyle also important, drink enough. Hydration isn’t just from skincarebut sufficient water consumption,” explained Dr. Arini.

5. Make sure that the skincare product you choose is right for your skin problem

5 Ways to Get 'Glass Skin' Skin According to Experts, Bye Dull!Virtual Press Conference Launching of Skin Soul Face Care “Glass Skin Series” (doc. Skin Soul)

A common mistake is to try different products to see if they suit your skin. For that, dr. Arini explained that you have to choose the right product according to your skin type and problem. That is, choose a product with a suitable content.

“Having sufficient knowledge in treating dull facial skin is very important, because the wrong treatment can cause several skin problems, such as acne, irritation and even allergies. Facial treatments using care products from the right ingredients and ingredients according to skin problems can help facial skin becomes healthier,” he concluded.

Those are some important tips for creating glowing and glowing skin. Ready to get rid of dull skin?

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