5 Ways to Overcome a Hot Stomach after Eating Spicy, These Foods and Drinks Can Help

Suara.com – Spicy food is indeed a food that cannot be denied. Unfortunately, not everyone has a stomach that can enjoy spicy food like when eaten. Some will feel hot after eating spicy food. Then is there a way to deal with a hot stomach after eating this spicy food?

Perhaps for most people, drinking milk is the most popular solution. Some places that specifically serve spicy dishes, have a menu of milk drinks or milk mixtures as the ‘antidote’. But is there an alternative or other way?

Here are some ways to deal with a hot stomach after eating spicy that you can try!

1. Along with Foods with Starch Content

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Starchy foods, such as bread, white rice, or boiled potatoes, can be a solution to minimize the effects of heat that appear in the stomach. This is because starch has a natural barrier between the capsaicin and the mouth which will absorb some of it in the process.

So when you eat spicy food, accompany it with the food above!

2. Peppermint Tea

Peppermint leaves can help with digestive problems. So, consumption of peppermint tea can also help you reduce stomach complaints after eating spicy foods. Mix one tablespoon of dried peppermint leaves in one cup of boiling water for 10 minutes, then strain and drink while warm.

Peppermint Tea Illustration.  (Pixabay)
Peppermint Tea Illustration. (Pixabay)

3. Ginger

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According to research, ginger is considered effective in treating stomach disorders. Starting from vomiting, nausea, heartburn, and motion sickness. Ginger itself can be consumed in many forms, ranging from turmeric tablets, herbal capsules, or tea. For tea alone, slices of fresh ginger can be put in a cup of hot water.

4. Raw Honey

The enzymes in raw honey can help break down starch, sugar, and protein. For matters with spicy taste, a spoonful of raw honey can help launch the digestive process so that the heat doesn’t stay in the stomach for too long.

Raw honey can neutralize the capsaicin in the stomach, and it can absorb the spicy oil and stop the burning sensation.

5. Banana or Avocado

Fruits with a soft texture such as bananas or avocados can be an option to deal with a hot stomach after eating spicy foods. Its smooth texture can bind to capsaicin and pain receptors, so that the sensation of heartburn or heat can be quickly reduced.

You can try five ways to deal with a hot stomach after eating spicy food. However, the main thing is to limit the consumption of spicy food, so that the effect is not bad for health. Hopefully useful and happy activities!