5 WWE Wrestlers Removed in PS2 SmackDown Game

Ahead of release WWE 2K22, some of the characters in the game are no longer wrestling for the WWE company. Whereas in the past (the era of Smackdown Pain to be precise), the following wrestlers had to be removed because the wrestler was no longer in the WWE ring.

Who are the WWE wrestlers who were supposed to be in the PS2 Smackdown Pain game but were eventually removed? In the following article, we will summarize the names that were supposed to be in the game, but had to be removed and the reasons why. Immediately, this is the discussion.

1. The Ultimate Warrior

Ign Thq Smackdown Pain Ultimate Warrior
Ultimate Warrior | IGN

In the past, this Ultimate Warrior was one of the heroes that WWE had. However, due to a number of problems behind the scenes, the wrestler who once defeated Hulk Hogan is often in and out of Vince McMahon’s company.

The peak was when in 2002, the wrestler filed a number of lawsuits that caused the Warriors and WWE to fight at the court. This caused the presence of Ultimate Warrior in the Smackdown Pain game to be canceled. Before the original character and wrestler reconciled with the WWE in the 2010s era.

2. Hulk Hogan

Thq Smackdown Pain Hulk Hogan
Smackdown Pain Hulk Hogan | THQ

Being a WWE hero with Ultimate Warrior in the 90’s doesn’t mean Hulk Hogan doesn’t have a problem with WWE. Prior to the release of the WWE Smackdown games on the PS2 console, Hogan had track record which is bad after he is no longer wrestling in the WWE ring.

Even though it was in the game WWE SmackDown Shut Your Mouth, Hogan had to accept because Yuke’s as the game developer SmackDown Pain removed his presence in the game. In fact, Hogan has three characters that we can play later. Namely 80’s Hulk Hogan, Hollywood Hulk Hogan, and Mr. America (Hogan’s alter ego when he was a masked wrestler).

The reason why Hogan’s character doesn’t appear is the same as Ultimate Warrior. However, Hogan did not take his former company to court. Hogan himself then reappeared in the series WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2006.

3. Jeff Hardy

Supposedly, Smackdown Pain will be Jeff Hardy’s third appearance for the WWE Smackdown game that was released on the PS2 console. However, because WWE fired him when the game was still in development, Yuke’s finally removed Jeff Hardy’s character in the final version.

It took a long time for Matt Hardy’s brother to reappear in the next WWE games. Having appeared in three series SmackDown vs RAW 2008-2010, WWE, who again fired Jeff Hardy, finally made Yuke’s then again remove Jeff Hardy from the roster in the game. WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2011 (before appearing again in the series WWE 2K18).

4. Bradshaw

wwe wrestler removed smackdown game
Shut Your Mouth Bradshaw | THQ

If the previous three wrestlers disappear because of the dismissal that WWE did. Unlike Bradshaw. Bradsahaw was rumored to be in the PS2 Smackdown Pain game. Before the end of this character Yuke’s deleted and there are no traces of development at all in the final version.

Perhaps this is related to the absence of the wrestler from WWE television. In 2003, Bradshaw did not appear in the WWE ring until he reappeared with a new character named John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL). This JBL character later appeared in the first series WWE SmackDown vs RAW.

5. Billy Gunn

If you don’t remember who he is, surely you will remember the DX (D-Generation X) group. The reason is, Billy Gunn is one of the members of the group that dominated the WWE ring in the 90’s era ago.

In 2003, Billy Gunn played the character homosexual which is quite controversial. Previously, this version of Billy Gunn would be present in the PS2 Smackdown Pain game. Before it was finally canceled and Billy Gunn had to take a sabbatical because the WWE audience did not like his new character.

That was the list of five wrestlers who were removed from the WWE Smackdown Pain PS2 game. Do you think all of you still remember those five characters?