6 Cameo App Facts, Make World Celebrities Say Your Birthday

Who doesn’t want to interact with their idol celebrities? From musicians to actors to athletes, if you have the funds, you’ll want a word or two from them on your birthday or just want them to repeat a line, act out an action, or sing a lyric you like.

Now, this is not a dream anymore. Viral during the COVID-19 pandemic, with application Cameo, you have the opportunity to interact and get special messages from world celebrities just for you. How does Cameo work? Check out the full facts!

1. What are Cameos?

6 Cameo App Facts, Make World Celebrities Say Your BirthdayCameo, a celebrity interaction platform (cameo.com)

Cameo is an app based in the United States designed for the world’s celebrities and for you. This service is available for the PC platform and can be downloaded by Android (Play Store) and iOS (App Store) users.

You can sign up for Cameo for free to see a range of celebrities — including YouTubers to TikToker — who are on the service. Registration can be done by email, connecting a Facebook account, or entering a VIP invitation code.

2. Meet world-class celebrities

6 Cameo App Facts, Make World Celebrities Say Your Birthdaya line of world-class celebrities on Cameo (IDN Times/Alfonsus Adi Putra)

After you enter Cameo, you will be presented with various photos and names of celebrities that you may often see on movie posters, TV screens, and cinema screens. Some of the celebrities you can meet on Cameo are:

  • Snoop Dog (US rap musician)
  • Lindsay Lohan (US celebrity)
  • Danny Trejo (US actor)
  • Tom Felton (British actor)
  • Tony Hawk (player skateboard US)
  • Mike Tyson (US legendary boxer)
  • Floyd Mayweather Jr. (US legendary boxer)
  • Marquinhos (Brazilian footballer at Paris Saint Germain/PSG)
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (US legendary basketball player)
  • Earvin “Magic” Johnson (US legendary basketball player)
  • Pierre Bouvier (Canadian band vocalist Simple Plan)
  • Oli Sykes (vocalist for British band Bring me the Horizon)
  • Ne-Yo (US musician)

In fact, some US politicians are also available on Cameo. Unfortunately, you can’t find all the famous celebrities. In addition, there are still very few Asian celebrities on Cameo, and none from Indonesia.

3. Not a free service

6 Cameo App Facts, Make World Celebrities Say Your BirthdayMike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather on the Cameo app (IDN Times/Alfonsus Adi Putra)

While joining Cameo does not require funds, for booking Of course, the service costs extra. Payments can be made with Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Celebrities on Cameo set a price, and that price is different for each celeb. Apart from chatting via text, some of the celebrities on Cameo also offer Cameo Calls (videos call) of course at an extra price.

Pricing options can be divided into: Personal and Business. For example, actress Lindsay Lohan set a price of US $ 500 (Rp 7.2 million) for personal services (birthdays, encouragement, asking questions, untilroasting). For business (promoting products and so on), cast Cady Heron in Mean Girls this pegged US $ 5,000 (Rp 72 million).

For now, the most expensive celebrity on Cameo is Mike Tyson who charges a fantastic price of US $ 20,000 (Rp. 288 million), and that too only for business. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the second most expensive celebrity on Cameo with US $ 15,000 (Rp216 million).

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4. How to booking artist services on Cameo

6 Cameo App Facts, Make World Celebrities Say Your Birthdaybooking feature for celebrity services on Cameo (IDN Times/Alfonsus Adi Putra)

So, how to order celebrity services on Cameo? Follow these steps:

  • From the Cameo main page, choose the celebrity you want
  • If the celebrity is hiring, at the bottom of the page, tap “Book Now (celebrities set prices in US$)”
  • If you do bookingselect “It’s all mine“However, if booking for your friend, enter a name and photo then tap “Save
  • Fill in various information about ordering and include a 20 second video about yourself and the purpose of ordering services

After making the payment, you can wait 7 days and the Cameo video will be sent to your phone number or email. However, if you don’t get it, Cameo promises to return the funds. Celebrities have the full right to accept or reject Cameo requests.

You need to know, not all celebrities are always present on Cameo all the time. If you really want to meet them virtually, just press “Notify me when available“, and Cameo will tell you when a celebrity or talent The cameo is open.

5. Join Fan Club for various conveniences

6 Cameo App Facts, Make World Celebrities Say Your BirthdayFan Club feature in Cameo application (IDN Times/Alfonsus Adi Putra)

If you really like celebrities on Cameo, don’t hesitate to join fan club-his. You can do this by accessing celebrity profiles or talent Cameo, and at the top right of the screen, press “Join Fan Club” to join. Don’t worry, this feature doesn’t charge extra anymore, really.

By joining Fan Club Cameo celebrity or talent, your Cameo request can be prioritized and you will also be notified if the celebrity or talent Medium cameo live or discount price booking. Cameo promises to include more features Fan Club.

6. You can also be a Cameo talent

6 Cameo App Facts, Make World Celebrities Say Your Birthdaytalent registration on Cameo (cameo.com)

Those are the ways to register as a customer and order Cameo’s services. Oh, what if you are a celebrity who also wants to sell services on the platform? Of course, I can!

You can access the Cameo webpage and select “Enroll as talent“. You will be directed to a special registration page for talent cameo. There, you need to fill in various data, such as:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Country
  • Frequently used social media accounts
  • Amount followers (minimum 20,000)
  • Additional information about yourself

Then, Cameo will process the application talent-mu and you will be notified in 3 days. Previously, Cameo had warned that talent need to meet Cameo’s requirements to be talent. Do you feel you are that person? Try registering!

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