6 Characteristics of Obese Children That Parents Need To Beware Of, The Effects In The Future Can Be Fatal If Left Unchecked

Suara.com – Recognizing the characteristics of obese children and their prevention is important for today’s parents. This is because there are many triggers for obesity that children encounter in the modern era and lack of discipline in food control due to busy parents.

Obesity is a condition characterized by excess body weight due to the accumulation of fat in the body. This excess weight can be the root of many serious health problems if not treated quickly and effectively.

Knowing the Characteristics of Obese Children

Actually, the characteristics of obese children are clearly listed on the official website p2ptm.kemkes.go.id. On the page of the Directorate of Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases, 6 characteristics of obese children are listed. By reading it, you can easily recognize the indications, and provide early treatment.

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The following are the characteristics of obese children according to the site.

  • Round face, chubby cheeks and double shoulders
  • Relatively short neck
  • Distended stomach
  • The two inner thighs stick together or rub together
  • In boys, the chest is swollen and the breasts are slightly enlarged. The penis looks smaller because it is covered by fat deposits
  • In girls, puberty comes earlier, at the age of approximately 9 years, girls with excess body weight will experience menstruation.

When your child, or children around you experience these symptoms, it is best to increase your vigilance and start consulting this situation with your trusted pediatrician so that you get the best way of treatment.

Illustration of the characteristics of obese children. (Pixabay)

This condition can be prevented by…

There are several ways to prevent obesity. These methods are simple, but must be done consistently and disciplined.

First, make sure a healthy lifestyle becomes a habit in the family. Then, routinely check the child to the doctor to calculate BMI so that it can be detected early if the child has a risk of obesity.

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Next, make sure your child has enough and quality sleep. Fourth, limit the time to watch television or play games so that children are not stuck in a passive physical position for too long. Also avoid buying and keeping snacks with high sodium, sugar, or calories at home.

Then you can start appreciating your child’s appetite and portions, by not forcing him to finish all the food served.

That was, a little information about the characteristics of obese children and the prevention of this condition. Hopefully it can be useful information for you, and good luck with your activities again.