6 Covid-19 Booster Vaccines that have been Approved by BPOM in Indonesia, this is the complete list

Suara.com – Currently, the research results of six booster vaccines have been confirmed by the Indonesian Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) and the Indonesia Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (ITAGI). So far, there are 6 booster vaccines approved in Indonesia.

Launching from the Setkab website, Tuesday (2/3/2022), BPOM has issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), in which there are 6 types of booster vaccines approved in Indonesia. The 6 booster vaccines are as follows:

The Minister of Finance explained that a booster vaccine with half a dose of Pfizer vaccine and AstraZeneca vaccine each will be given to people who receive Sinovac vaccine as a complete primary series, while half a dose of Moderna vaccine will be given to those who receive AstraZeneca vaccine as a complete primary series.

“We will provide this initial combination booster vaccine based on the availability of existing vaccines as well as research results that have been approved by BPOM and ITAGI, which can later develop depending on the results of new research and the availability of existing vaccines,” said Budi Gunadi Sadikin as Minister of Health. in a Press Release.

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Vaccine illustration, booster vaccine side effects (Freepik)
Booster vaccine illustration (Freepik)

On that occasion, the Minister of Finance also said that the implementation of the third dose of vaccination will be carried out in state-owned health service facilities, such as Public Health Centers, Government Hospitals, and Regional Government Hospitals.

The government will also continue to collaborate with the private sector through the mutual cooperation vaccination program.

“We also maintain mutual cooperation with the vaccination program that is already running. This vaccine is free for the community with various types of vaccines provided in the government program,” he said again.

Closing his press statement, the Minister of Finance hopes that with the start of the third dose of vaccination program, the Indonesian people can be protected from the possibility of another wave of COVID-19.

The Minister of Finance also said that hopefully this program can make the Indonesian people healthier and stronger in facing the potential new wave of COVID-19.

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This is information about 6 booster vaccines approved in Indonesia. For those who have not vaccinated, get vaccinated immediately. For those who have had vaccines 1 and 2, immediately get a booster vaccine at the health service.