6 Fasting Tips for Stomach Acid Sufferers to Worship Smoothly in Ramadan

Suara.com – Fasting provides its own challenges for those who suffer from stomach acid complaints. The reason is, not to eat lunch will be quite heavy. For that, let’s look at some fasting tips for people with stomach acid below.

Previously, stomach acid disease could be challenging because it would be prone to relapse during fasting activities. Inadequate sahur and iftar meals, combined with not eating lunch, trigger this relapse.

Therefore, the following series of tips may be useful!

1. Consumption of Stomach Acid Medication according to the Recommendations

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There is nothing wrong with checking your condition before fasting. The doctor will know exactly what the body needs, so they can prescribe the most appropriate medication.

Stomach acid medication will usually be prescribed to be taken at dawn and after breaking the fast. So, fasting can be run smoothly and not hampered by the risk of relapse.

2. Eat in Normal Portions

Fasting does not mean you have to eat large portions of sahur and iftar. Instead of adding energy, this will actually shock the digestive organs and work harder. This can trigger the rise of stomach acid.

Eat normal portions, but pay attention to the selection of food. Choosing the right foods can help you feel full longer, and minimize the risk of stomach acid rising.

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Illustration of fasting (Shutterstock)
Illustration of fasting (Shutterstock)

3. Don’t Eat in a Hurry

When eating sahur or breaking the fast, control the speed of the meal you have. Chew slowly, and don’t eat in a hurry. Chewing food well will ease the work of the stomach, while making it easier for food to be digested.

The new brain will recognize the satiety signal sent by the stomach after 15 to 20 minutes, therefore, don’t overdo it and don’t be in a hurry when eating.

4. Pause before lying down

Who doesn’t look forward to lying down after eating sahur or breaking the fast? But wait, for people with stomach acid this is not recommended, you know!


Because this activity will trigger an increase in stomach acid, along with food that has just been consumed, thus triggering a long feeling of discomfort due to this stomach acid. So, give yourself a moment to pause before lying down!

5. Choose the Right Food

It is common knowledge, of course, that spicy, oily, fried foods are a big taboo for people with stomach acid. Therefore, avoid consuming these foods at dawn and breaking the fast.

6. Start with Prayer, Complete with Effort

Finally, start all fasting activities with prayer and good intentions, then complete it with the efforts listed in the points above. In this way, ideally fasting will run smoothly and without obstacles.

Those were 6 fasting tips for people with stomach acid. Hopefully useful, and happy looking forward to the month of fasting!