6 List of the Biggest Esports in Indonesia Currently 2022

The Biggest Esports in Indonesia – Even though in the past playing games was considered a hobby that could not make a profit. In addition, it is often considered detrimental by many parents because it interferes with learning and is not productive.

However, today’s digital development is increasing more rapidly. In fact, over time, now the largest esport in Indonesia is growing.

With the increase in the largest esports in Indonesia, many people want to JOIN THE FREE FIRE ESPORT TEAM to become a Professional player. Because being a pro player can make tens to hundreds of millions of money per month.

In addition, if you enter the largest esports in Indonesia. You can make billions. So, for those of you who want to know which esports teams are the biggest in Indonesia, please read on in full below.

What is Esports

What is Esports 1

Before knowing more complete information about the list of the biggest esports in Indonesia, it never hurts you to know first about ESPORT ATHLETE DEFINITION as follows.

Electronic Sport or better known as Esport is a sports activity that is carried out using electronics to play games as a medium of competition between one team and another team played by Pro Players (Professional Players).

Basically, Professional players while playing the game will be contacted by a certain branch of the organization so that they can enter competitions with very large prizes. Prize offers at high-level tournaments are also very attractive to achieve.

However, being a professional player is not an easy matter. The players must practice and always develop, in order to remain consistent with the skills possessed by each player. Later Professional players will compete with other players to fight for the Esport team they enter to win.

List of the Biggest Esports in Indonesia

For gamers who want to know what are the biggest esports teams in Indonesia, Ulingame will share them in the discussion below.

Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ)

Rex Regum Qeon The Biggest Esport In Indonesia

In the first place, the biggest esport in Indonesia is Rex Regum Qeon. RRQ is known as the oldest esport in Indonesia, because this esport has been around since the bustle of the Dota 1 game. Currently RRQ is the largest esport team and already has many game divisions, including PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends Free Fire, Valorant and others.

Rex Regum Qeon has won various achievements in national and international competitions. In addition, RRQ Indonesia, this E-sport also opened a branch in Thailand. One of the most striking games at RRQ Thailand is in the PUBG Mobile division with the name RRQ Athena team which has won various championships in the PUBG Mobile big competition.

Not only Rex Regum Qeon Thailand, the Indonesian branch is also famous in the Mobile Legends division named RRQ Hoshi, who has won various achievements as well and is the most feared team in the Mobile Legends scene. That way RRQ deserves to be named as the largest E-sport in Indonesia to Southeast Asia.

Evos Esport

History of Evos Esport 1

The next biggest esport in Indonesia is Evos Esport. Evos Esport was founded in 2016. But you need to know, Evos Esport previously had the name Zero Latitude and was developed by Ivan Yeo. Evos Esport is known as a team that is growing quite rapidly, therefore Evos Esport has been named the biggest team in Indonesia and everyone would want to ENTER EVOS ESPORTS.

Not only RRQ, Evos also has branches outside Indonesia including Singapore and Vietnam. Various tournaments in the game division such as Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Point Blank and Mobile have been won by Evos Esport at the National and International levels.

Bigetron Esports


Bigetron Esport is also worthy of being named the biggest esport in Indonesia. Because Bigetron Esport has one of the most dominant divisions in National to International tournaments, namely Red Aliens in the PUBG Mobile division. Bigetron Red Aliens has often won titles in Indonesia, Southeast Asia and the World.

In addition, Bigetron Esports also has other divisions that often win National to International champions including Free Fire, Mobile Legends, Valorant and others.

Boom Esports


Boom Esport is one of Indonesia’s largest esports teams that focuses on the Dota 2 and PUBG Mobile game divisions. Previously, Boom Esport had been tempted to expand its wings in other divisions such as Free Fire, Arena of Valor, CSGO, Apex Legends and Mobile Legends.

Various game divisions in Boom Esport have succeeded in achieving various achievements, although the most striking is in Dota 2. However, other divisions have also managed to win titles.

Onic Esports


The last biggest esport in Indonesia is Onic Esport. This esport has focused on the Mobile Legends division, however, Onic Esport has penetrated other divisions in Indonesia.

A team called Onic Kage with the Mobile Legends division has won the championship in the MPL competition at the National level. In addition, Onic Esport has also won achievements in Southeast Asia, namely MSC in 2019 and the 2019 President’s Cup.

The final word

That’s the discussion from Ulingame regarding the list of the biggest esports teams in Indonesia this year and often won national and international championships. So much information that Ulingame has shared, hopefully it can be useful for colleagues.