6 of the Best Auto Mythic Magic Chess Commanders in the current season 2022

Best Magic Chess Commander – Magic Chess is one of the Arcade modes in the most popular Mobile Legends game to date and has reached millions of users. In addition to exciting gameplay with a display theme similar to a chessboard, Magic Chess can also hang out with friends online.

However, each player must rely on individual skills to win the match. In the Magic Chess game, there are various components that players need to prepare, specifically the Best Magic Chess Commander, Synergy strategy and Equipment selection.

With the arrival of the Arcade Magic Chess mode which requires the best Commander in Mobile Legends, it seems to be an alternative way for solo players who are tired of experiencing trolls when playing Ranked.

Although Magic Chess relies heavily on luck, players must also prepare a Synergy strategy that players think dominates to win the match. Then the selection of the best Magic Chess Commander is suitable for you.

So, here to help Magic Chess players find the best Commander choice, Ulingame has summarized below which is suitable for Mythic fast.

What is the Best Magic Chess Commander

The Commander in the Magic Chess Mobile Legends game is one of the towers with cute characters who have the best skills, like the tower in Magic Chess mode. Moonton as the owner of the Mobile Legends game has released various Little Commanders with various types and various skills that players can choose from.

Each Commander has levels 1 to 3 and each level has a different skill function. Therefore, you need to use Commander in Magic Chess to help players determine their own combo game gameplay.

Players can get the best Commander by buying through the Shop that Mobile Legends has provided. There are various best Commanders that you can use when playing Magic Chess. Here, Ulingame has summarized some of the best Commander recommendations in the current season, which you can use to make it easier to get a win until you reach the desired tier, namely Mythic.

1. Commander Eggie


The first best Commander is Eggie, maybe not a few players know the best Commander on this one. Eggie is a character with a shape resembling a newly hatched bird’s egg. However, the only broken eggs in the legs and wings.

Eggie can be the main reference that you should use, because it has the best skills in Magic Chess.

1. Economize Skill 1
Passive: Reduces the Gold Cap required to upgrade Little Commander by 15%.

2. Heat of Battle Skill 2
Passive: After Winning 2 times, each additional win reduces the Gold price of Little Commander, increasing by 3 to 5 gold.

3. Fortune Skill 3
When Little Commander reaches level 8, use it to get 1 Equipment Spoils Chest and 1 Crystal Spoil Chest.

2. Commander Kaboom


The next best commander is Kaboom. The character Kaboom is the newest Commander in Arcade Magic Chess. This commander has his own expertise, namely removing heroes with random synergies.

1. Go Kashoom Skill 1
Passive: Adds a Green-quality Kashoom Hero to the Shop where you give random Synergy from the Kashoom Synergy Pool character.

2. Go Kapoom Skill 2
Passive : Added a Blue quality Kapoom Hero to the Shop of players who were given random Synergy from the Kapoom Synergy Pool.

3. Go Katoom! Skill 3
Passive: Adds a Purple-quality Katoom Hero to your Shop who is given Synergy randomly from the Katoom Sinergi Pool.

3. Commander Remy


Even though Remy has been a Commander for quite a while in Magic Chess, it is possible that Remy is still included in the category of the best Commander in Magic Chess Mobile Legends.

You can feel this if you often use Remy’s character while playing and Remy is often used to take part in Magic Chess competitions even though he has received nerfs many times, but is still the favorite to use.

1. Money-grubber Skill 1
Remy gets 1 to 4 Gold randomly. Cooldown in 4 Rounds.

2. Finance Genius Skill 2
Passive : Remy gets 1 more Interest when it has 10 Gold Interest Maximum 5.

3. Gold+Life! Skill 3
Remy gives 7 HP & exchanges it for 2-5 Gold. With Cooldown 3 Rounds. Remy’s HP will not decrease to below 3 from using this skill.

4. Commander Tharz

Best Tharz Commander Magic Chess

The next best Commander is Tharz, this Commander is known as a very greedy little demon. Tharz can eat enemy heroes with great damage and give extraordinary demonic powers. Tharz himself has 3 skill options that players can use.

1. Devil’s Might Skill 1
Passive : Tharz grants Hero Devil”s Might but makes them unable to reach Level 3 (Star) Devil’s Might : 2 Star Hero is strengthened for each identical Hero acquired thereafter, up to 16 times.

2. Gluttony Skill 2
Tharz eats one of the 1 Star heroes and randomly gives a hero of the same quality in the next round. (prioritizes existing heroes) Cooldown 4 Round.

3. Feast Skill 3
Tharz enters Glutton mode, eats Shop, but gives 3 randomly placed heroes at the start of the round. The skill cannot be used until Tharz reaches level 8.

Heroes that have reached 3 Stars will not be awarded.

5. Commander Pao


The commander with a character shape resembling a dragon in Magic Chess is Pao. This Commander has undoubted abilities and is included in the ranks of the best Little Commanders you should try to use.

1. Shields Up Skill 1
Increases Physical and Magic Defense for the hero of the front row team by 80. This skill has a cooldown of 3 rounds.

2. Magic Circle Skill 2
Passive : At the beginning of each stage round, will automatically generate a Magic Circle that can be dragged. One team hero in Magic Circle produces 120 Physical Attack and 240 Magic Power.

3. Dragon’s Gift Skill 3
Can be used on Showdown stage. Allows players to choose 1 Buff from 4 options that will apply to all heroes in a team at the beginning of the Round.

6. Commander Mavis

Best Mavis Commander Magic Chess

Mavis is a Commander who has a shape resembling a black bat, quite scary but cute to look at. Mavis is known as a character similar to a vampire and is included in the ranks of the best commanders in the current season.

1. Gathering Strength Skill 1
Passive: Starting from the Showdown Stage, each win regenerates 5 HP.

2. My Soldier, Attack Skill 2
When dealing damage to the enemy’s Little Commander, recovers your HP equal to 100 of Damage with Cooldwon 5 Rounds

3. Between Life and Death Skill 3
Passive: Regenerates 5 HP with every Commander eliminated, The effect increases to 2 when the Commander is eliminated by you.

The final word

Thus the discussion about the best Commander Magic Chess recommendations for the current season that you can use when HOW TO PLAY MAGIC CHESS Ulingame version. Maybe that’s all we can share in this information and see you in the next article.