6 Physical Characteristics of Children Inherited from Father’s Genes, Starting from Height to Teeth

Suara.com – Research notes, all children must inherit 50 percent of DNA from the mother and 50 percent of DNA from the father. However, this does not mean that every parent inherits the same number of physical characteristics and genes.

In fact, children are 60 percent more likely to inherit active traits from their fathers, simply because they are born. The following is quoted from Bright Side6 genes that are most likely paternal.

1. Height

A person’s height is determined by at least 700 genetic variations inherited from both parents. However, each parent’s height gene works in a slightly different way. For example, paternal genes are important in growth and height.

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Illustration of a child's height.  (Envato Elements)
Illustration of a child’s height. (Envato Elements)

2. Crooked teeth

In cases where fathers have poor dental health, their children tend to have to visit the dentist more often than their peers,

Although the mother has a good arrangement of teeth. Everything from cavities to tooth decay, and all dental problems in between is influenced by paternal genes.

3. Gender

The father is 100 percent responsible for the sex of his newborn. The X and Y chromosomes, commonly known as the sex chromosomes, determine the sex of the child.

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Daughters inherit the X chromosome from their fathers, resulting in the genotype XX. Boys inherit the Y chromosome from their father, resulting in the XY genotype. Since the mother only inherits the X chromosome, the father has complete control over the sex.

4. Dimples

In many cultures, dimples are seen as a sign of beauty and attractiveness. However, scientists describe dimples as a defect caused by facial muscles.

These dimples can be formed due to a dominant genetic trait and are more often inherited from the father.

5. Fingerprint

No 2 fingerprints stay the same because they are unique patterns. However, the baby’s fingerprints may be similar to the father’s. Fingerprint pattern is a genetic trait inherited from our fathers.