6 Rookie Cops Drama OSTs That Are Suitable To Be Your Study Friends

Since January 26, the drama Rookie Cops has come to bring a lot of inspiration about friendship, dreams, career, to love. In addition to the inspirational and entertaining story, this drama is able to captivate the audience through its cool songs.

Soundtrack the song also colored every memorable moment of Kang Daniel, Chae Soo Bin, and friends. In line with the theme, the following six songs talk about love and dreams. Suitable to be heard while studying, you know!

1. “My Sunlight” – Ha Hyun Sang


The song arrangements are relaxing, but not drowsy, making listeners feel dissatisfied if they only hear it once. Talk about the meaning of the song, “My Sunlight“Ha Hyunsang’s character describes a person’s anxiety about his future.

No one knows what the future will be like, so living the best day possible in the present is everyone’s best choice. If you have someone who always supports your struggle to achieve your dreams, make sure you will not forget that person. Likewise, someday if that dream has fallen into your hands, yes!

2. “Police Class” – Lucy


When you feel that you are at a saturation point, then you put all your effort into it but everything still doesn’t go smoothly, there’s nothing wrong with listening to a song “Police Class“Lucy’s.

This song can at least help you meditate and clear your mind. When you hear it, it’s like pouring all your thoughts into a beautiful melody. That’s why this song sounds emotional to those who carry heavy burdens of mind while studying.

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3. “timeKwon Eun Bi


time“become one” soundtrack Rookie Cops songs that can be enjoyed anytime. However, hearing it while studying will certainly make the atmosphere different. In addition to being much more fun, this Kwon Eun Bi song can really drive boredom and sleepiness away!

You can’t just miss the meaning of this song. True to its cheerful tone and rhythm, this song reminds how lucky one is to have support system by his side.

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4. “What a wonderful day” – Dvwn


Anyone can judge that this song is indeed very beautiful, in terms of vocals, song arrangements, and lyrics. Remember every precious moment, including the little things that are often not realized that are part of your life. That’s the meaning implied in the song “What a wonderful day” belongs to Dvwn.

You can recharge your energy by listening to the song. Hear it during study hours, you really have to try it. If this song fits your taste in music, it’s definitely in study playlist-mu, dong!

5. “Because of You” – Chancellor


Listen to songs “Because of You” Chancellor’s property can be an option for you when you are studying hard. This song describes a person’s change after knowing his idol for a long time. Unknowingly the presence of this beloved figure can have a big influence on his life and dreams.

Chancellor is a Korean-American singer, songwriter, and producer. The quality of the music is unquestionable. Previously, he also collaborated with Kang Daniel on a project remake song, you know!

6. “Hush Hush” – Kang Daniel featuring Miyavi


It’s not enough to have him as the main character, Kang Daniel will also accompany your study time by releasing soundtrack song called “Hush Hush“. With a guitarist from Japan, he hopes that the color of his music will be much more unique and different than usual.

If you like calm and don’t like noise around you while studying, then this song is perfect for you to play. It could be a subtle satire so that your learning atmosphere is conducive again.

Those are the six drama OSTs Rookie Cops which can pump your spirit when studying. Not only that, you can also embrace loved ones who are both struggling to achieve their dreams through these songs. Listening to it doesn’t make you bored!

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