6500+ Latest Cool Boys and Girls ML Names 2022

www.dukcapilmakassar.co.id – Mobile Legends or ML games are certainly familiar to your ears, right? This MOBA game does have a lot of fans with a total of more than 100 million users. So it is not surprising that many game users use the unique ML name.

The use of a unique and cool ML account name will certainly make you look different from other users. If your game is good, using an interesting and unique ML account name will certainly make your account easily recognizable and popular among ML gamers.

Then, what are the names for recommended ML accounts? To find out ideas for names for unique and interesting ML accounts along with the download links, let’s look at the full review below.

Advantages of Mobile Legends and Download Links

Advantages of Mobile Legends and Download Links

Mobile Legends is indeed very popular among game lovers because it offers exciting gameplay to play. Not much different from the Free Fire and PUBG games, this MOBA game offers a number of interesting features. Here are some of the advantages that ML games have.

1. Have HD Graphics

Mobile Legends managed to grab the attention of game lovers because it offers attractive HD graphics. You will be presented with a hero character display that looks clear and real so that the ML game you play becomes more exciting and interesting.

2. Hero Characters Scattered Around the World

Another advantage offered by the Mobile Legends game is the character of hero players who are spread all over the world. That way, the game becomes more exciting and not boring. One of the unique and interesting ML characters is Gatot Kaca from Indonesia.

3. Many Interesting Events

This MOBA game also has many interesting events and at each event you can get prizes such as free heroes, free items, and gifts from chests that are available every 4 hours. With the event, many ML players feel at home playing this game for a long time.

4. Have Easy Game Control

For those of you who are still beginners in playing ML games, you don’t need to worry because this game has game controls that are easy to understand and use. The available menus are also simpler and less confusing, making it easier for you to play.

5. Means of Socializing

ML games can also be a means of socializing with other players because this game has a multiplayer feature where you can play it online with other players. This game also allows players to form squads with a maximum number of 9 people.

To be able to win the game, each member of the team must be compact and solid in formulating strategies and dividing roles. For this reason, this MOBA game can help strengthen brotherhood, build cohesiveness, and a means of socialization between players.

Link Download Game Mobile Legends (ML)

Game NameMobile Legends
VersionNewest 2022
OS SupportAndroid 4.1+ and iOS
UpdatedFebruary 24, 2022


Nice, Cool and Aesthetic ML Name Ideas

Many ML game players use unique names to make it seem attractive and easy to recognize. Well, here are some recommendations for good ML account names and not many people use them.

1. List of Cool ML Names and Their Meanings

List of Cool ML Names and Their Meanings

Not only as an identity, choosing an ML account name can also be a good prayer for its users. Although many players don’t use real names, they usually use pseudonyms with good philosophical meaning, as in the following example.

  • Alegre = happiness
  • Alexi = warrior
  • Aileen = gold
  • Arabelle = beautiful/attractive
  • Auristel = golden star
  • Baraq = shining light
  • Cold = cold
  • Cloud = cloud
  • Clarissa = clever / proficient
  • Dark = dark/darkness
  • Dareen = wise
  • Dusk = twilight
  • Dragon = dragon
  • Enemy till end = enemy until death
  • El Rey = king
  • Emerald = green gem
  • Flavia = golden
  • Foerza = strength
  • Friska = lively/energetic
  • Gecko = lizard
  • Grizelle = smart woman
  • Griffin = strong fight
  • Hao = brave
  • Harvy = strong in battle
  • Iluvia = rain
  • Jarrel = mighty
  • Jarvis = expert
  • Jian = strong
  • Jude = young
  • Kage = shadow
  • Kyra = respectable woman
  • Lais = brave
  • Latoya = the one who wins
  • Leon = a lion
  • Lyman = warrior
  • Meisie = pearl
  • Mogens = great
  • Myesha = gift of life
  • Naura = light
  • Oliver = love
  • Phelan = fighter
  • Qiang = great
  • Queen = queen
  • Quentin = future
  • Rai = trust
  • Shadow = shadow
  • Strelica = arrow
  • Tristian = dashing
  • Valda = spirit
  • Wyman = soldier
  • Xiever = victory
  • Xander = helper
  • Xerxes = lord of heroes
  • Zeline = heaven
  • Zephyr = wind

2. List of Good ML Names For Boy Accounts

List of Good ML Names For Boy Accounts

Most of the ML game users are male because this battle royale game offers masculine gameplay. For those of you who need a cool guy ML name idea, here are some recommendations.

  • HAᴀᴢᴀʀᴅꔪ
  • MuHꜰᴀᴛᴀɴ
  • Hey c OK O8
  • 1Dark
  • 6ᴏOThɪᴄ〄
  • 12𝘾𝙎o𝙒𝘼𝙍
  • OOenooB
  • Bad B0y
  • King L
  • oby ™
  • oᴘ4ʀᴅ
  • D ICK
  • B𝓲𝓝G00ᏼ®∞
  • ARFHAN ا
  • BOY
  • G00DRazzor
  • Sᗩᗪ OY☯︎
  • lucky
  • Psy ChoLeo
  • AL-Ḟ₳ᏒØ
  • Killer
  • _playerఌ︎

3. List of Good ML Names For Girls Accounts

List of Good ML Names For Girls Accounts

Not only men, women also do not want to lose, you know. There are many female players who play this MOBA game. Well, here are some great name ideas for girl ML accounts.

  • A é ™
  • b
  • airciliœ
  • ir n
  • T sy
  • Beeby•ᵍʳˡ
  • nis aᴳᴵᴿᴸ
  • Reishaツ
  • PrincessNabilla✿
  • Auli
  • sTevanieツ
  • ɪ
  • °𝓜𝓵
  • MÆarshmallow
  • Myscha꧂
  • ™ BABY
  • C hn T huhツ2020
  • Her Heroes
  • IRC༆Rennii✿`99
  • war angels
  • Azøorā
  • odde55 f ature
  • F𝙰N𝙽𝚈♥ᵈᵉᵛⁱˡ9𝒊𝒓𝒍»
  • ²ᵍⁱʳˡ³å URELIE
  • r𝐨𝐫 Q
  • oisha
  • Just Little Bear≈≈
  • ™ *Elinaaa*™

4. List of Cool Bucin ML Names

Cool Bucin ML Name List

The term bucin aka love slave is already familiar to the ears of today’s young people. The use of the name bucin for ML accounts has also proven to be effective for adding friends and followers, you know.

Bucin names for ML accounts are considered unique and anti-mainstream so that they are different from others. Here are some bucin name ideas for ML accounts.

  • +62B uciner
  • cloudxxx ngel
  • Meme ou
  • anny inna
  • P Reina
  • Son of Pυηуα
  • mor3♡
  • Jan B aper
  • »ķang Bucin
  • B apper Boy
  • Bucin
  • BU CIN Be5tie88
  • ~bUCIN PRO Player~
  • sibuc I n
  • Kämù♡
  • MÝ Sweetie
  • mYours
  • MISS YOU~™
  • iieMarahYa♡♡
  • cᎥŇ
  • » dear
  • cᎥŇ COK

5. List of Cool and Aesthetic ML Account Names

Cool and Aesthetic ML Account Name List

The use of unique symbols will make your ML account name more attractive and aesthetic. Not only unique, some symbols also have philosophical meanings contained in them, you know. Here are some recommendations for cool and aesthetic ML account name ideas.

  • H𝕩𝕟𝕖𝕪B𝕖𝕖
  • bUC
  • y
  • Booba
  • Nineteen
  • AlmondԔιℓкү
  • nicholas
  • hatermelon
  • My𝑩𝒖𝒏𝒏𝒚Յ
  • M
  • yDarling
  • Your
  • Tear𝕕𝕣𝕠𝕡𝕤
  • My
  • sᴛʜᴇя
  • SADb࿐ý
  • Myℒ⃝Ꭵεℽ$
  • |κɪɴɢ PLAYER☆
  • killer༻꧂
  • son☆࿐
  • ᵀ • proplayer
  • Bond
  • ML
  • Leͥgeͣnͫd༒
  • yєsツ
  • Name✤
  • ZERO7 ST★R
  • LIKE
  • ×͜×crush×͜×
  • SKUY火
  • JØ₭€℟★
  • ❖mr 𝓙𝓸𝓴𝓮𝓻❖
  • ×͜×★KingOfBa¢ot★×͜×
  • Best oṜ♣
  • DevilPlayer★⇌
  • PROG̸A̵M̵E̷R̷☬

6. List of Cool Simple ML Account Names

Cool Simple ML Account Name List

For those of you who don’t like complicated, simple names are also recommended to be used as ML account names. Even though it seems simple and simple, this ML account name is still cool, you know. Well, here are some recommendations for simple but cool ML names.

  • NextWinner
  • Double kill
  • SavagePlayer
  • Door Heaven
  • Bean Big Bag
  • Friendly Fire
  • Nice Melody
  • Vertebrade
  • Paper Plane
  • Heaven Fire
  • Door a Emon
  • HelloMonday
  • Pat Trolley
  • Number Two
  • MissionBang
  • AlwaysOne
  • QeQeYi
  • PuntenAkang
  • PuntenEneng
  • Aing ProPlayer
  • Sky Hope
  • needUmore
  • CikenNugget
  • Afterlife Member
  • Coolie Game
  • IGamer
  • Mabarkuyyyy
  • WantutriGO
  • PlotTwister
  • Gamer-Dream
  • FavoGenius
  • Master Gamers
  • Good Killer
  • GodLovers
  • Cute Ness
  • Dupli-Cats

7. List of 4-Letter Simple ML Account Names

List of Simple 4 Letter ML Account Names

Don’t like long and complicated account names? Simple 4 letter ML name is the best choice for you. Besides being easy to remember, a short account name will make it easier for other players to recognize your ML account. Here are some name ideas for simple ML accounts with just 4 letters.

  • DARK
  • G 00 D
  • MARC
  • FANZツ
  • LATH
  • SH 0 T
  • SANS
  • MR 07
  • L 3 VY
  • TOMZ
  • JARS
  • JA CK
  • MYLO
  • AXCE
  • AUXL
  • SWAT
  • LUXE
  • WAR Z
  • KUUY
  • GETZ
  • SKUY
  • MOR3
  • 4ONE
  • H3LO
  • GARY
  • SGAR

By using an attractive ML name, your ML account will be more easily recognized by other users. Moreover, if your game is good, then it will be easier for you to gain popularity among ML game lovers aka Mobile Legends.