7 Best Boomerang Application Recommendations on Android

Instagram is one of the social media that has developed very rapidly. Not without reason, Instagram continues to develop many interesting features to try. One of the most popular Instagram features is Boomerang.

Boomerang allows users to capture a series of photos that rotate back and forth rapidly to form stunning animated GIFs. Instagram’s Boomerang feature is incredibly interesting, but if you want to find other apps like Boomerang, there are several options you can download here. Google Play Store.

1. Boomerit

7 Best Boomerang Application Recommendations on AndroidBoomerit (Doc. Cubetix Private Photo Vault)

Boomerit is an application that is used to turn any video into a boomerang and can be directly shared on social media. Some of the excellent features of Boomerit are:

  • Filters and effects to make the boomerang more interesting
  • Option to determine speed
  • Number of rounds
  • No video length limit
  • Good video quality.

Boomerite is free to use. However, there is also a premium subscription version which can remove all ads automatically.

2. Boomerang Maker

7 Best Boomerang Application Recommendations on AndroidBoomerang Maker (Doc. Andrei Banshchikov)

Boomerang Maker allows users to create boomerang videos in seconds. Simply by pressing a button, you can immediately record a video. You can also edit it as you wish.

This app also has a feature to slow down old and new videos. You can even adjust the speed of some parts of the video. It also features effects, filters, audio, and stickers. After the boomerang is finished, you can immediately share it on social media.

3. Loop videos

7 Best Boomerang Application Recommendations on AndroidLoop video (Doc. Aspiration Solutions)

Video loop is an application completely dedicated to creating loop short and has no other features than that. So, this app is great for beginners. You can use the app to record videos of different durations, from 1 to 15 seconds.

Through this application, you can also edit videos to make them more interesting. You can set automatic color correction, add music, and turn some parts into GIFs.

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4. VivaVideo

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Editor’s picks

7 Best Boomerang Application Recommendations on AndroidVivaVideo (QuVudeo Inc. Doc. Video Editor & Video Maker App)

VivaVideo has tons of editing tools so you don’t need to add another video editing app. The app has a built-in camera with detailed modifier features so you can take videos while playing with color settings in real time real-time.

This app lets you crop videos, resize them, rotate them, and even merge them into one another. There’s also a one-tap boomerang feature that lets you set the number of repetitions using presets, stickers, captures, and so on.

5. Boomerate Videos

7 Best Boomerang Application Recommendations on AndroidBoomerate Video (Doc. skwirrl)

Boomerate Video is an app that lets you create videos loop smooth one. The main idea of ​​this app is to make video recording and editing fast and simple.

This application supports the use of front and rear cameras which you can switch while recording. After the video is recorded, you will be directed to the editing section. Some of the editing tools available are video length, acceleration and deceleration, filters, and you can instantly share your finished boomerang on social media.

6. GIF Maker, GIF Editor

7 Best Boomerang Application Recommendations on AndroidGIF Maker, GIF Editor (Doc. GIF Maker & GIF Editor & Video Maker)

GIF Maker lets you create and edit animated GIFs in high quality and without watermarks. The app has a clear and slick interface, is easy to use, and provides powerful tools and lots of interesting features.

GIFs can be created from images, videos, cameras, screen recordings, and animated GIFs. This application supports videos and images in various popular formats such as, PNG, JPEG, MP4, MPEG, FLV, 3GP.

7. Funny Boomerang Effect App

7 Best Boomerang Application Recommendations on AndroidFunny Boomerang Effect App

Funny Boomerang Effect App is only 5.4 MB in size. However, it has tons of editing tools that will let you create cute boomerangs.

You can make boomerangs from pictures or videos. There are also effects filters, filters, stickers, animated text, and much more. You can save all the results of the boomerang in the gallery or share it on social media.

If you’re looking for a boomerang app that’s more complete than Instagram, you’ve got a few options. After trying the apps on this list, don’t forget to share in the comments how your experience was using this app.

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