7 Best & Popular Tarakan Tours in East Kalimantan

Tarakan Tourism – Hearing the word tarakan, definitely remembers Kalimantan. Tarakan is a city located on a small island and is the administrative center of East Kalimantan. Currently, Tarakan has been named the 17th richest city of all cities in Indonesia. The city of Tarakan consists of 4 sub-districts, each of which is West Tarakan District, Middle Tarakan District, East Tarakan District, and North Tarakan District.

In Tarakan itself, apart from a lot of recorded history as a place of kings, a gathering place for fishermen and a place where the Dutch colonialists took Indonesian oil, Tarakan has very profitable tourism potential. Many tourist attractions that must be visited by local and international tourists. But unfortunately, this place is not so popular yet.

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To assist the government in pursuing Indonesian tourism to go international, dolanyok.com has collected the 7 best tours in Tarakan.

Tarakan Charity Beach

tarakan charity beach

Charity beach is the most popular beach in Tarakan city. The location of the charity beach is in East Tarakan District. Uniquely, the amalgam beach itself actually consists of 2 beaches, the first is the new charity beach, and the old charity beach. These two beaches are close to each other and face east and you can enjoy the sunsite in the morning, because the eastern part of the island is not blocked by other islands. Besides being able to see the sunsite, you can also enjoy the beauty of the clear sea water and the typical food of the locals.

Tarakan Yellow Land Beach

Yellow land beach

The sea sand stretches for more than 1 km to the east of Kalimantan, namely the Tanah Kuning beach. This beach has very beautiful white sand, the waves are quite calm and the water is very clear. To travel to this beach from Tarakan Island, you can use a speedboat or pioneer plane. Beach

Roemah Boendar Tarakan Museum

Round house museum

Judging from its name, this museum has existed since the Dutch era. This museum stores various dynasties of Dutch and Japanese heritage. This museum is located next to the Tarakan DPRD office and this place has become one of the popular educational tourism destinations in East Kalimantan, Tarakan.

Japanese Heritage Bunker at Juwata Airport

tarakan japanese castle

Tarakan was the first location visited by Japanese and Dutch colonialists. So do not be surprised if on this island a lot of relics in the form of dynasties that still exist today. The Japanese bunker is one of the many remaining. The Japanese bunker is now a tourist location for local and foreign residents. The location of this Japanese heritage bunker is near Juwata airport.

Nursery Tourism Area

7 Tarakan Tours, East Kalimantan 1

If you want an educational tour for children, you can come directly to the nursery. In this location you can see various rare plants that are maintained and cared for directly by the East Tarakan government. The location of the nursery is in the eastern Tarakan sub-district.

Tarakan Mangrove Forest

tarakan mangroves

As an area that is dominated by water, Tarakan Island also has a charming mangrove forest tour. And this place became the best popular tourist in Tarakan. Mangrove forests are very well maintained and clean, so it’s no wonder local tourists go back and forth in this place to enjoy the coolness of nature.

Field Oval Park

Field Oval Park

Oval fields park is a tourist location in the center of Tarakan city. City residents often take the time to visit this location. Because of the location in the city center, you can also enjoy the culinary delights around the park.

So maybe that’s all I can share, have you ever been to Tarakan? try to share your experience in the comments column or you want to add to the list of tarakan tours, you can contact us via contact. Unfortunately, I don’t know where the tour is yet culinary in the popular tarakan, so can not be posted. I hope this information is helpful.