7 Delicious and Popular Snacks of Processed White Tofu

Indonesia has various types of tofu which are quite popular. There are brown tofu, yellow tofu, milk tofu, white tofu, and many more. Of the various types of tofu that exist, white tofu is quite popular, you know. Besides being easy to get, the price of white tofu is also fairly cheap.

It doesn’t stop there, white tofu is also easy to process into various types of dishes, one of which is processed into various delicious snacks. If you have white tofu at home, you can process it into various types of snacks such as the following. What are some snacks made from processed white tofu? Find out together, let’s go!

1. Tofu sakura

7 Delicious and Popular Snacks of Processed White Tofu, Your Favorite? know sakura. (instagram.com/jantu_sukma)

Who would have thought that this white tofu snack has so many names. Starting from knowing sakura, knowing fantasy, knowing bird’s nest to tofu menthel (kemayu or coquettish in Javanese). If you call this one processed tofu by what name?

Sakura tofu itself is made by mashing white tofu and mixing it with scallions and carrots. Tofu is then printed, don’t forget to insert a quail egg in the middle. After being steamed, the sakura tofu is then fried using egg whites.

Maybe because after frying there are fibers from the egg white which resembles a bird’s nest, so some call it that. What do you think?

2. Tofu Cheetos

7 Delicious and Popular Snacks of Processed White Tofu, Your Favorite? know cheetos. (instagram.com/laysisilia)

This one snack is no less delicious and popular, you know. Its name is tofu Cheetos, so named because its shape does resemble the corn-flavoured snack. Processed tofu this one can be said to be the simplest and easiest to make, you know. The only ingredients needed are tofu, cornstarch, baking powder and seasonings such as salt and flavoring.

To resemble Cheetos, the tofu is put in a plastic bag. If churros must use a mold or syringe, then tofu Cheetos are left without a mold so that the shape seems irregular. After frying, you can add seasonings such as roasted corn so that it tastes like the original.

3. Tofu round

7 Delicious and Popular Snacks of Processed White Tofu, Your Favorite? round tofu. (instagram.com/tia_sulaksono)

Round tofu is one of the most popular white tofu snacks in Indonesia. Processed tofu, which is often sold around the world, is the best with the addition of various flavors of food when eaten. I don’t know who invented tofu the first time around, but eating it makes it hard for anyone to stop.

The process of making round tofu is actually simple where white tofu is crushed and then squeezed until it no longer contains water. Then add egg white and baking powder and salt. Tofu is then shaped round and then fried. Very easy and simple, right? You should try to make it yourself at home, so that you will be more satisfied enjoying round tofu.

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4. Martabak tofu

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7 Delicious and Popular Snacks of Processed White Tofu, Your Favorite? martabak know. (instagram.com/dishnoia)

When we hear the word martabak, our minds are immediately drawn to the food that is cut into small pieces filled with eggs, meat, and scallions. Eits, Martabak also has many creations, here. One of the martabak creations is the tofu martabak. No less delicious and delicious than egg martabak in general, you know.

What’s more, the tofu martabak tastes much more filling than the egg martabak. Martabak skin that is used to make it feel more crispy usually uses spring roll skin which is usually sold in the market.

For the complementary filling, you can create your own according to your wishes. Some people mix tofu with scallions, meat, or corned beef. If you prefer martabak stuffing, you know with what mixture, right?

5. Tofu rambutan

7 Delicious and Popular Snacks of Processed White Tofu, Your Favorite? know rambutan. (instagram.com/louisaadelita)

When the pandemic started, this snack made from processed white tofu suddenly went viral on TikTok. Because they are bored at home, many people are creative and share their favorite recipes, including this rambutan tofu. Called tofu rambutan because it looks like a rambutan fruit that has not been peeled.

If all this time we often eat tofu cakes, how to make rambutan tofu is more or less the same, really. The difference is that rambutan tofu is rolled over instant noodles that have been mashed or kneaded into smaller pieces. Sometimes there are also those who add sausage, meatballs or quail eggs to be stuffed with rambutan tofu.

6. Crispy Tofu

7 Delicious and Popular Snacks of Processed White Tofu, Your Favorite? know crispy. (instagram.com/motahuaja.id)

Last year, the popularity of crispy tofu soared rapidly. Crispy tofu is one of the most sought-after modern fried foods. Crispy tofu is white tofu that is fried and then doused with cornstarch solution and baking powder. This flour solution will give the tofu a crunchy, nesting texture.

The savory taste of the crispy tofu is what makes it so popular. Crispy tofu is best eaten with dipping sauce or chili. Hot, spicy, and savory instantly blend in the mouth. This kind of sensation makes many people addicted to the point that they don’t realize they have eaten a lot of crispy tofu.

7. Tofu petis

7 Delicious and Popular Snacks of Processed White Tofu, Your Favorite? know petis. (instagram.com/tukupanganjogja)

Finally, this snack made from processed white tofu comes from the city of Semarang. Tofu petis is white tofu that is fried and then filled with petis inside. Petis itself is a black pasta or sauce made from shrimp. There are various forms of tofu petis, some are thin and wide, some are box-shaped.

Both are equally delicious, really, the only difference is the shape of the tofu. The savory taste of tofu seems to blend perfectly with the petis which has a savory taste that tends to be sweet. Try it, serve it at home, this snack is guaranteed to make you addicted.

It turns out that white tofu can be processed into various snacks, yes. We can even make our own at home. From the list above, which one would you like to try?

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