7 Differences between Android and iOS and the latest advantages and disadvantages this year

Differences between Android and iOS and their advantages & disadvantages As we know in the world of mobile technology, there are two operating systems that are very well known throughout the world, which are the most widely used on smartphones.

Yep, what else if it’s not Android from Google and iOS from Apple, where the two operating systems have become a trend and have become the talk of many gadget observers.

Because each of these operating systems has different features and advantages, it becomes a lot of debate for gadget users.

So what is the difference between the two OS? Let’s find out below.

The difference between the people of Android and iOS

Difference between Android and iOS

There are some differences that you should know about the two os, which can be an advantage and even a weakness between them.

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1. Price

The first difference is in terms of price, because in buying
Smartphones, of course, the price is one of the most important things
compared by the public before buying it.

The comparison in terms of price is very striking and significant, because
as we already know that iOS produced by Apple
has a very different price with Android produced by

Actually to compare the two operating systems in terms of price is not comparable, but if you do not understand and understand then we will discuss.

As we know, the iPhone is indeed famous for its exclusive cellphone where, the enthusiasts are very much looking forward to the latest iPhone release, even though the price is relatively very expensive.

And indeed, iPhone lovers will never think about the high price, because it is in accordance with what they get.

It’s different with Android where there are so many brands that market Android phones, so many are confused about what brand to use.

Besides, android phones are famous for their cheap prices because the competition between brands is so strong that it has to be as cheap as possible for market and marketing needs.

2. Share Data

Yes, indeed in terms of data sharing or data sharing, this is a big difference.

Where the iPhone is famous for its complexity in sharing data and it is very different from Android which is easier to send or share data with other cellphones.

While on the iPhone it’s just easier to send only to other iPhones, but with the data transfer application that has now been widely spread,

It’s easier to transfer data on the iPhone even if it’s a different cellphone.

3. Quality

For quality, it seems that there is no need to compare it again, as you know, that for quality problems are still held by Apple.

Because since the first, the iPhone has always made cellphones with quality that are not kidding, which are famous for elegant cellphones.

For Android itself, we can’t expect much at a cheap price, we have to understand what we get.

4. Appearance

For the appearance, it doesn’t need to be discussed in much more detail.

Because we know, Apple is famous for its elegant and luxurious shape even though the price is not cheap, but Apple always maintains the quality of its design and appearance.

If on an android phone, because there are so many types and brands, so we are confused to judge it, and at this time most of the android phone manufacturers follow the design of the iphone.

5. Memory

Next, the biggest difference is the problem of storage capacity or memory.

On iPhone, available memory ranging from 16GB to 256GB, and it is not equipped with external memory.

Unlike Android, which has memory ranging from 4GB to 512GB, there is still external memory that we can add.

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6. Update Version

For updates, of course, Apple provides regular updates to one type of cellphone for up to 5 years from the time the cellphone was released and even more.

Unlike Android, which only gets updates for only a few years, after that it will never get updates again.

Of course, from here we can judge that Apple does provide the best for its users.

7. Camera

Furthermore, the biggest difference is the quality of the camera produced on the two types of cellphones.

On Android, there are now phones with cameras up to hundreds of mega pixels and with more than 3 cameras, which is extraordinary.

However, with such a large camera, of course, it requires a large amount of storage, because taking pictures will definitely take up a very large amount of memory.

It is different with the iPhone, even though it only uses small pixels and a maximum number of 3 cameras, it is able to compete with the camera quality of Android phones which have more pixels and the number of cameras.

Of course here we can judge, it doesn’t need to be big and many, but the most important thing is the results and quality.

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Thus our article about the differences between Android and iOS and the advantages & disadvantages, hopefully it can help to be your reference regarding the differences between Android and iOS.

Thank you for reading our article and see you in our next article.