7 Durable and Durable Dry Side dishes, Must Stock at Home!

Indonesia is rich in various culinary delights. One that is often found in people’s homes is dry side dishes. Dry side dish is a side dish of rice that is durable enough to be stored for a long time.

This dry side dish is usually eaten directly with rice. Side dishes are usually stocked at home because they are practical and suitable to be enjoyed anytime. Here are seven dry side dishes that are durable and long-lasting even though they are stored for days.

1. Dried tempeh

7 Durable and Durable Dry Side dishes, Must Stock at Home!Tempeh (instagram.com/greeny_mina)

Similar to stir-fried/orek tempeh, but the dry texture of the tempeh is crispier. In addition, the dry mix of tempeh is different, there are nuts and anchovies. Dry tempeh is very popular in Indonesia as a side dish that is durable and long-lasting.

Many people store dried tempeh as emergency food for certain conditions or supplies when outside the home. Even though stored for days, the taste and texture are still crunchy, you know!

2. Shredded

7 Durable and Durable Dry Side dishes, Must Stock at Home!Shredded (instagram.com/makmon5)

Shredded meat is a processed meat that is durable and lasts for months. The texture is dry and the taste tends to be sweet and savory. Abon is often used as a side dish to complement Indonesian dishes such as porridge or yellow rice.

Abon is very popular because it is really delicious even if only eaten with warm rice. No wonder, children really like this processed meat. In the past, shredded meat was known to be made from beef or chicken. Now, many fish are also made into shreds.

3. Kremesan

7 Durable and Durable Dry Side dishes, Must Stock at Home!Kremesan (instagram.com/indahpermatarizky_)

It used to be a complement to Ayam Kremes, now Kremesan has become a dry side dish that is loved by many people. It tastes savory with a distinctive strong seasoning that makes this creamy dish really delicious to eat with rice.

Kremesan is very easy to make, the ingredients are rice flour and various onions, then fried until crispy. Kremesan can also last for months as long as it is stored in an airtight container.

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4. Jerky

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7 Durable and Durable Dry Side dishes, Must Stock at Home!Beef jerky (instagram.com/feraoofera)

Dendeng is a typical food of West Sumatra with a spicy taste because it is served with chili sauce on top. Known for a wet texture, jerky can also last a long time when made in a dry version.

This dry version of Jerky is not mixed with the sambal. This is so that the jerky can last longer. So, when it is eaten, the beef jerky is just heated and mixed with chili sauce.

5. Mustofa Potato

7 Durable and Durable Dry Side dishes, Must Stock at Home!Mustofa Potato (instagram.com/dapoerasatoe)

A dry side dish that hit some time ago was mustofa potatoes. These crunchy processed potatoes are perfect for stock food at home. It is quite durable and lasts a long time when stored in a closed jar.

Mustofa potatoes are characterized by long, match-like pieces. The sweet and spicy taste is perfect for a side dish of warm rice.

6. Clamp

7 Durable and Durable Dry Side dishes, Must Stock at Home!Potato sticks (instagram.com/marzela13)

What can’t be missed is clamping. Made from potatoes, klengkam is processed with a sweet and spicy seasoning that is addictive. The texture of the potatoes is also made thin so that when fried it becomes easier to be crispy.

No wonder klengkam can be durable and long lasting even though using chili seasoning on the outside. Klengkam often complements Indonesian food, such as mixed rice and yellow rice.

7. Serundeng

7 Durable and Durable Dry Side dishes, Must Stock at Home!Serundeng coconut (instagram.com/tifanysetiawan)

Made from grated coconut, serundeng has a savory sweet and salty taste that sticks to the tongue. How to make it easy, but a little tricky because the serundeng is easy to burn if the stove fire is too big.

Not only that, when cooking the serundeng, you have to keep stirring it so that the serundeng is cooked evenly and doesn’t stick to the pan. In Indonesia, serundeng is usually cooked with beef. However, many also eat serundeng because the taste is already delicious, just right for eating rice or sticky rice.

Practical and durable is the reason many Indonesian people keep dry side dishes at home. Of the seven dry side dishes above, which one is your favourite?

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