7 Kpop Idols Who Turned Out To Be Born In 2000

The K-pop music industry, which is advancing with the times, has managed to produce a number of names. Since first developing in the mid 90’s, there have been many K-pop idols who debuted in various age ranges. Starting from the late 70’s, 80’s, even now there are Kpop Idols who were born in the 2000’s, you know!

Well, on this occasion, Dafunda will summarize 7 Kpop idols who were born in the 2000s. Curious who? Here are the lists.


Duble Kick Academy Momoland Nancy
MOMOLAND Nancy | Double Kick Academy

Nancy Jewel McDonie. Or more people know as Nancy MOMOLAND, this is a Kpop idol who was born in the early quarter of 2000. To be precise, April 13, 2000. She debuted with the group MOMOLAND when she was 16 years old. Which became one of the records for the youngest female K-pop group member (before Wonyoung IZ * ONE broke).

From the name, we might think that Nancy is not Korean. In fact, Nancy was born and raised in South Korea. The name, which is not the usual Korean name, is because the father is an American, while his mother is a genuine Korean.

2. NCT’s Haechan

kpop idols born in 2000
NCT Haechan | SM Entertainment

Similar to Nancy, Haechan or whose real name is Lee Dong Hyuk is a Kpop idol born in 2000 who is now joining the NCT group. Even so, Haechan is not the only youngest member in the group.

For the first time, SM Entertainment introduced Haechan through the SM Rookies group, which had become SM’s ambitious project in the mid-2010s decade. Many of the SM Rookies members have successfully debuted with SM Entertainment. One of them is Haechan whose official debut took place with the NCT sub unit, namely NCT ​​127.

3. Heejin LOONA

Blackberry Creative Heejin Loona
Heejin LOONA | Blackberry Creative

Still from 2000, this time there is dancer from the LOONA group on our list. Heejin is visual from LOONA who was born on October 19, 2000. He was also the first member to be introduced as a member of LOONA in 2016.

Uniquely, this Heejin even debuted as a member of LOONA. However, Heejin actually made her soloist debut first before being with LOONA. He released his debut album a few weeks before his 16th birthday. Wow. great, isn’t it!

4. Shuhua (G)I-DLE

kpop idols born in 2000
Shuhua (G)I-DLE | Cube Entertainment

Currently, there are many K-pop groups whose members are not only from Korea. One of them is (G)I-DLE. They have two members from mainland China named Yuqi and Shuhua.

This Shuhua is not only from mainland China, he is also a member of (G)I-DLE who was born in the 2000s. This idol whose full name is Yeh Shu Hua was born on January 6, 2000. He is a maknae (the youngest member of a Kpop group) from the group that debuted in 2018.

5. Hyunjin Stray Kids

Jyp Ent Stray Kids Hyunjin
tray Kids Hyunjin | JYP Entertainment

From JYP Entertainment, there is the name Hyunjin STRAY KIDS who was born in the 2000s. The singer whose real name is Hwang Hyun Jin is a dancer & rapper the main group of the group that debuted in 2015.

In February last year, unfortunately Hyunjin was forced to take a hiatus after the scandal mass bullying which befell a number of activists in the Kpop entertainment industry. However, his hiatus did not last long, as he returned to the group six months later.

6. Jinyoung CIX

C9 Entertainment Jinyoung Cix
Jinyoung CIX | C9 Entertainment

Before joining the CIX boy group, the singer whose real name was Bae Jin Young first made his debut with Wanna One in 2017. Jinyoung is a Kpop idol who was born on May 10, 2000.

In addition to activities with CIX and Wanna One, Jinyoung has also spread his wings as a Kpop idol by releasing a number of his solo works. Like Hard To Say Goodbye in 2019.

7. Sanha ASTRO

Fantagio Sanha Astro
ASTRO’s Sanha | Fantagio

ASTRO is a group under the agency Fantagio. One of the members, Sanha is a Kpop idol who was born in 2000. To be precise, on March 21, 2000 ago. In the group, Sanha acts as lead vocals.

A few unique facts, he is not a canned idol, you know! The idol who will have a birthday that month has received education and is also good at playing the guitar. If he failed to debut with ASTRO, Sanha once said at an event that he would be a guitarist in a band.

Those were the seven K-pop idols who were born in 2000. Do you think there are any more K-pop idols born in 2000 that we haven’t mentioned yet?