7 Most Exciting Roblox Games, Including Squid Game!

When it comes to the most varied games, Roblox can be said to be one of the champions. How come?

Creators and developers can pour their creativity into game development forums at Roblox. This game is called ‘one of the champions’ because we can’t ignore Minecraft and Dreams which also offers a variety of creator-generated content.

We know that a lot doesn’t mean good. So therefore, list it includes a selection of games that are of good quality and fun to play. Check it out!

1. Squid Games

7 Most Exciting Roblox Games, Including Squid Game!illustration of the display of Squid Game on Roblox (doc. Roblox Corporation/Roblox)

Lately, Squid Games it’s everywhere. Starting from the shape meme dalgona candy until it varies fanart, it can be said that the Netflix series is getting hype Very large.

Popularity Squid Games attract the attention of the developer team to work through the container Roblox. Just like the nine-episode series, Squid Games in Roblox requires you to survive in a series of deadly children’s games.

yes, you can try various games like Red Light Green Light Tug of War, and Ppopgi. If interested, please search for keywords ‘Fish Games’, ‘Squid Game by Trendsetter Games‘, or Hexa Game’ in Roblox. Each game is different but you can play all of them. The image above itself is the result screenshots from Fish Games. Ready to be a winner?


7 Most Exciting Roblox Games, Including Squid Game!Q-CLASH illustration! (doc. Roblox Corporation/Roblox)

For those of you who like games Overwatch and paladins, there is a game Roblox that you must try, here. Game name shooter this is ‘Q-CLASH!’.

Same as Overwatch and Paladins, Q-CLASH! offer experience shooter based on class which is divided into offense, defense, and support. Each character has skills and ultimatehis own.

In addition, they also get dub voice. The combination of all these aspects makes Q-CLASH! feels like a standalone game and is unrelated to Roblox.

3. Arsenal

7 Most Exciting Roblox Games, Including Squid Game!Arsenal illustration (doc. Roblox Corporation/Roblox)

Still talking about shooting games, this time we will discuss more games fast paced compared to Q-CLASH!. Basically, games Arsenal is fashion Arms Race but in packaging Roblox.

In game FPS, mode Arms Race popular even though the concept is quite simple. Each time you get an elimination point, you will be given a different weapon. Your weapon will change continuously until you finally get a golden knife. Whoever manages to eliminate the enemy with a golden knife, is the winner.

In context arsenal, weapons are very diverse. There are weapons MAG-7 and TEC-9 Based on real weapons, there are also prank weapons like electric guitars and pizzas.

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4. Anime Fighting Simulator

7 Most Exciting Roblox Games, Including Squid Game!Anime Fighting Simulator illustration (roblox.com)

As the name suggests, Anime Fighting Simulator is a battle simulation involving anime characters. The picture above shows a fierce duel between Naruto Uzumaki, Monkey D. Luffy, Ken Kaneki, and Shouto Todoroki.

In this game, you will practice non-stop, train until you are tired like you are in a training arc in an anime. The funny thing is, you will be accompanied by various anime music such as themes Enen no Shouboutai. Copyright, Hey, copyright!

5. Natural Disaster Survival

7 Most Exciting Roblox Games, Including Squid Game!Natural Disaster Survival illustration (doc. Roblox Corporation/Roblox)

In game Natural Disaster Survival, your enemy is nature. Meteor showers, fires, and tsunamis are just a few examples of natural disasters that threaten the lives of your characters and other players.

To deal with it, you must not remain silent. Moving from one place to another is a good solution to save yourself from danger.

6. Tower of Hell

7 Most Exciting Roblox Games, Including Squid Game!illustration of Tower of Hell (doc. Roblox Corporation/Roblox)

Towering buildings. In it, many objects that defy the law of gravity. There are also you and dozens of other players who must race to reach the top of the building.

This game does not have checkpoint. If you fall, you have to start over from the beginning. Due to its difficult challenges, this game is named Tower of Hell. Apparently, this obstacle game is suitable for those of you who have finished it Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy and Jump King.

7. piggy

7 Most Exciting Roblox Games, Including Squid Game!illustration of Piggy (doc. Roblox Corporation/Roblox)

To conclude this article, there is a horror game called piggy fun but scary. You have to finish puzzles, unravel the mystery piggy, and in the end run away from the killer.

This concept is actually not new, it is proven by existence Dead by Daylight and Identity V. Even though, piggy remains popular for its mystery and gameplay that catches the attention of gamers Roblox.

That’s seven games Roblox the most fun! Of course, there are still many games Roblox which is not included in list this. Don’t worry, if you have a favorite game, you can give these recommendations through the comments column, OK!

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