7 Right Ways to Overcome Gmail Storage Capacity is Full, Easy!

Telset.id – Gmail storage capacity is full will be a problem, because it can interfere with your work activities. There are several solutions that can be tried to solve this problem.

Gmail has become an email service that many people, including you, have. Through this Google-made email service you can send emails or receive emails to each other easily.

Gmail also makes it easy for you to create accounts on certain apps or sites. In this time of the Covid-19 pandemic, Google’s flagship email service is increasingly needed because all activities are carried out online.

If so, your storage space should be sufficient. But sometimes when needed, there is a problem of full storage space so that sending email is hampered. What’s the solution?

How to Fix Gmail Storage Full

How to overcome the full Gmail storage capacity is actually not difficult. There are several easy ways that you can apply to each account.

This method can be applied so that storage space becomes more spacious and activities work more optimally.

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Team Telset will provide an easy way of dealing with a full Gmail storage capacity. There are 7 ways that you can easily try. Let’s see!

1. Delete Promotional Email

Gmail storage Full
Deleting promotional emails can be applied to overcome the full Gmail (Image source: Warta Ekonomi.co.id)

The first way is to clean promotional emails. Promotional emails are usually sent because you have a specific account or application. Sometimes promotional emails are needed to get new information but because there are quite a lot of them make Gmail full.

For that, for those who want to make Gmail more spacious, please delete or empty your promotional email. Deleting promotional emails is time-consuming but it’s a great way to deal with a full Gmail.

2. Delete Files in Google Photos

Gmail storage Full
Delete photo files in Google Photos to make Gmail more spacious (Image source: Confirmtimes.com)

The next solution is to delete the photo files in Google Photos. The Google Photos application affects Gmail’s capacity. This is because both applications have the same storage space.

In addition, sometimes you do not realize that a photo or video file is too full. For that try deleting files in Google Photos. It’s very easy. You go to photos.google.com first and then select Photos.

Then select the photo checkbox at the top left and click the “Delete” icon at the top right and move it to the “Trash” menu. Finally, please go to the “Trash” menu and delete files permanently.

3. Delete Large Emails

Gmail storage Full
Delete large emails to cope with a full Gmail (Image source: TapSmart.com)

Third, delete large emails. You often get large emails. The emails are usually attached with high resolution photos so Gmail is full of heavy emails.

To solve this problem, you have to delete large emails. There are easy tips for deleting this type of email. Namely type “larger:20m” in the Gmail search field.

Later will be filtered emails whose size is more than 20 MB. When it is filtered then you can delete it more easily.

4. Clean ‘Junk’ in Gmail

Gmail Junk
Clean up the trash in Gmail so it’s not full (Image source: recode.ID)

Fourth, clean up the trash in Gmail. Please note that emails that you have deleted do not automatically disappear quickly. The email will be in the trash folder and will be automatically deleted within 30 days of being deleted.

So that Gmail is not full then you can delete or empty the trash folder in Gmail. Emptying the Trash folder will make the emails in it permanently deleted and free up storage space.

5. Delete Old Email

Clean up old emails (Image source: Liputan6.com)

Fifth is to delete old emails. Emails usually contain work assignments or school and college assignments. Once all the tasks have been completed then the email is no longer useful and instead fills up storage space.

Therefore, please delete old emails that are not important or have old tasks. There are easy tips for finding old emails so they can be deleted quickly.

The trick is to type “older_than:5y” to search for old emails that are more than 5 years old or “older_than:2y” for emails that are more than 2 years old in the Gmail search field.

After that will appear emails that have been filtered by age range and you just delete the emails.

6. Subscribe to Storage Space

Subscribing to storage space is a solution to make email more spacious (Image source: IDN Times)

Sixth is to buy storage space. Google currently gives users the opportunity to subscribe to storage space so that the space becomes more spacious.

The price starts from IDR 269 thousand per year to IDR 1.35 million per year. Available storage space ranging from 100 GB to 2 TB that you can choose. You can try the storage space subscription option to deal with a full Gmail.

7. Delete Files on Google Drive

Clean Google Drive (Image source: TechTalks)

The seventh or last is to delete files in Google Drive. Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos have the same storage capacity of 15 GB. For that, if Gmail’s capacity is full, it is predicted that one of the causes is files in Drive.

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Instead of not being able to send emails, it’s better to delete files that are not too important in Google Drive. Deleting files in Drive frees up storage space and solves the problem of Gmail being full.

Well, those were tips to solve the problem of storage capacity in your Gmail which is already full. It’s very easy, isn’t it? Good luck. [NM/HBS]