7 Scariest Android Horror Games, Scary Step aside!

Hello guys, this time SobatGame wants to give you recommendations for the best Android horror games 2020. There are horror games that you can play offline or online. Games that are included in the list of the best horror games for Android phones are games that have a high rating on the Google Play Store.

It is undeniable, horror is one of the interesting game genres to play. Besides being fun, horror games also make your heart flutter. Not to mention if there is a jump scare, it will definitely make the heart want to fall out. So, if you want to feel a spooky sensation mixed with tension in a horror genre game on an Android phone. Here, SobatGame, gives you a list of the best horror games in 2020 that you must play.

1. Identity V (Survival Horror Game)

Identity V is a game with the survival horror genre that was developed by the developer NetEase Game in July 2018. Even though it has been released for a long time, this game is still fun to play in 2020. The game also continues to get updates to make it more fresh to play. On the Google Play Store, this Action category game gets a 4.0 rating.

horror game android identity v

Identity V is the first mobile horror game with an asymmetric system. Gothic art style and a mysterious story mixed with the fight of 4 survivors and 1 hunter make this game feel fun to play. This game begins with the plot of a detective who is looking for traces of a missing girl. To win each level, players are required to decode the ciphers on all the towers in the map. After all the codes are solved, you can only get out and escape from the hunter’s pursuit.

Best Android Horror Game Info: Identity V

  • Download Links: Identity V
  • Category: Action Horror
  • Ratings: 12+
  • Android Requirements: Android v4.1 and up
  • Sizes: 84 MB
  • Developers: NetEase Games.

2. Eyes: Scary Thriller (Thrilling Horror Game)

One more survival horror game that you deserve to play is Eyes: Scary Thriller. This game was developed by Fearless Sp. and got a rating of 4.4 on the Google Play Store. Game Eyes: Scary Thriller invites you to feel the sensation of horror that stimulates adrenaline. In this game you will enter a big house at night. Your task is quite simple, which is to steal 20 bags of money and run away. Unfortunately, in this game you will be accompanied by a ghost head who is ready to hunt you down.

horror game android eyes scary thriller

The thrill of playing this Android horror game is so tense. To finish this horror game, you need big guts. You have to collect all the money bags scattered in the haunted house on the 3rd floor. What makes this game challenging is the design of the house like a maze, so you inevitably have to explore all parts of the house to collect coins. Game Eyes: Scary Thriller takes a first-person perspective. In this way, you will feel a real spooky sensation.

Best Android Horror Game Info: Eyes Scary Thriller

  • Download Links: Eyes Scary Thriller
  • Category: Adventure Horror
  • Ratings: 12+
  • Android Requirements: Android v4.4 and up
  • Sizes: 75 MB
  • Developers: Fearless Sp.

3. Death Park: Scary Clown (Survival Horror Game)

For those of you who have Coulrophobia or a phobia of clowns, don’t play this game. Death Park: Scary Clown is the scariest game for those who have a phobia of clowns. This game made by the developer Euphobia Horror Games has a rating of 4.4 on the Play Store. In this game, you have to explore a huge, long-abandoned amusement park. Inside is a big scary circus. To win this game, you have to solve puzzles while running away from the clown monster.

horror game android death park scary clown

Not only amusement parks, you can also explore old buildings, hospitals, and scary dungeons. The only way to win the game is to look for clues while hiding. If caught run as fast as possible. But remember, don’t be loud and be careful because the evil clown can hear you. Keep running from the deadly maniac clown chase.

Best Android Horror Game Info: Death Park Scary Clown

  • Download Links: Death Park Scary Clown
  • Category: Arcade Horror
  • Ratings: 12+
  • Android Requirements: Android v4.4 and up
  • Sizes: depending on the device
  • Developers: Euphoria Horror Games.

4. Horrorfield (Multiplayer Horror Games)

Horrorfield is similar to the game Identity V, only the gameplay and graphics are different. This horror survival game is packed quite interestingly. This horror multiplayer game involves 5 players. 1 person will act as the killer and 4 other players will play as survivors. The task is simple, don’t let the killer catch the survivors.

horror game android horrorfield

In the Horrorfield game you can choose the desired survivor character. Characters of basketball players can escape faster, doctors can heal themselves and other players, engineers can repair things quickly, thieves have high agility, mercenaries are brave with high morals, scientists can improve military equipment abilities, and police can catch killers .

Not only that, there are also many killer characters, namely: Butcher who can destroy generators, Cultist, an escaped mental hospital patient, Ghost ghost who can pass through walls, and Human Beast who can turn into a hungry wolf.

Best Android Horror Game Info: Horrorfield

  • Download Links: Horrorfield
  • Category: Action Horror
  • Ratings: 12+
  • Android Requirements: Android v4.1 and up
  • Sizes: 109 MB
  • Developers: Skytec Games.

5. CASE: Animatronics (Offline Android Horror Game)

Case: Animatronics is an Android horror game from a first-person perspective. This game from developer ALESON with the Adventure genre has a rating of 4.4 on the Play Store. In this game, you will play as detective John Bishop who is working overtime in the police department building. While conducting an investigation, suddenly the entire power grid in the building was cut off and all exit doors were locked.

horror game android case animatronics

The security of the police building has been hacked. To find out who the main mastermind is, you have to answer all the riddles that serve as the main mission. However, it turns out that you are not alone. Inside the building is a red-eyed animatronic ready to hunt you down. In this game, you have to keep moving and running away from the animatronics. While running away, you have to keep an eye on the condition of the entire building with your tablet. Unfortunately, the tablet battery has to be recharged when it runs out.

Best Android Horror Game Info: Case Animatronics

  • Download Links: Case Animatronics
  • Category: Adventure Horror
  • Ratings: 12+
  • Android Requirements: Android v4.1 and up
  • Sizes: 32 MB
  • Developers: ALESON.

6. Dead Trigger 2 (FPS Shooter Horror Game)

Dead Trigger 2 is the best FPS horror game ever. This game is a continuation of the first Dead Trigger series. Just like the previous game, here you have to survive from zombie attacks played by NPCs. The missions provided by this game are quite diverse. You can play Dead Trigger 2 with Defend, Assault, Escort, Sniper, Power Run, Seek & Destroy, and Load Supply missions.

horror game android dead trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 has Story Missions, Side Missions, and Global Missions. Story Mission is fairly easy to complete because it only consists of 2 maps. While the Global Mission requires you to join the battle with other players around the world to eradicate zombies in a country. If you successfully complete the global mission, you will get a reward in the form of weapons. On the other hand, to collect money and exp you can take advantage of side missions that are repetitive.

Best Android Horror Game Info: Dead Trigger 2

  • Download Links: Dead Trigger 2
  • Category: Action Horror
  • Ratings: 16+
  • Android Requirements: Android v4.1 and up
  • Sizes: 30 MB
  • Developers: Madfinger Games.

7. Evil Nun (Adventure Horror Game)

Game Evil Nun is a game adapted from the figure of Valak in the movie Conjuring. Just like in the movie, the horror character in this game is a ghost nun. This Android horror game was developed by Keplerians Horror Games and has a rating of 4.3. This horror game tells the story of an evil nurse who locks a small child in a school.

horror game for android phone evil nun

In this game you play as a child who has to run away. To get out of school, you have to solve the puzzle. You have to escape unnoticed if you want to survive the scary nun character at school.

Best Android Horror Game Info: Evil Nun

  • Download Links: Evil Nun
  • Category: Arcade Horror
  • Ratings: 12+
  • Android Requirements: Android v4.1 and up
  • Sizes: 87 MB
  • Developers: Keplerians Horror Games.

So, those are 7 recommendations for Android horror games that you deserve to play in 2020. If you want to know the best PC horror games, visit the Light PC Horror Game List.