7 Tanarara Hill Pictures, Locations and Free Entrance Fee

Tanarara Hill is one of the most attractive tourist attractions for tourists. Especially when all the hill grass grows green, it’s amazingly beautiful

Opening hours:24 hours
Ticket price:Free
Address:Maubokul Village, Pandawai District, Kab, Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara
Public facilities:There is not any
Access Road:Well
Shop:There is not any
Online Maps:View Maps
Tanarara Hill
This is in Indonesia, guys Subhannallah

Indonesia’s landscapes are indeed diverse, there is a lot of beauty that can be presented. Although, this country is known for its sea and underwater charm. However, enjoying the various kinds of hills and mountains is also not wrong.

One of the hilly areas that can be enjoyed is on the island of Sumba. This beautiful place can make you instantly fall in love with its charm. The beauty in the dry season is really enchanting, especially when it is in the rainy season.

The name of the attraction is Tanarara Hill. This tomorrows area has natural curves that cannot be expressed in words. Intrigued by this tourist attraction, let’s look at the results of the exploration below,

Tanarara Hill, Sumba

Enjoying Sumba can indeed be from various sides. Seen from the beach or the island. It can also be seen from the hills. Like this Tanarara Hill area. You can enjoy the vast savanna.

Being in this area you will be taken to a different place. Like being in a fairy tale. It’s a little hot and the color is also arid. However, try to come in the rainy season.

The atmosphere and aroma will feel very different. Fresher and cooler. The breeze seemed to never stop to greet and give warm greetings. Like a rice field, its charm is influenced by the seasons.

What’s interesting about this area is that its charm consists of impressive corals. Like a mountain range in a row in an area. At least that’s the view presented in this place.

When viewed more deeply, especially from above. Your memory will be reminded of the curve of the tea plantation. Almost exactly the same. In fact, every corner and color during the rainy season.

Being here, it feels reluctant to leave. The sun is indeed present and quite stinging. However, its magical aroma makes you never feel the heat. Interesting isn’t it?

The most frequented place when arriving at this place is the peak area. Many visitors flocked to enjoy this panorama. it must be admitted indeed, its beauty is undeniable by anything.

to reach the top is not too difficult. Quite easy because this area is so gentle. So, no need to sweat a lot to get to the point of beauty. So, it is recommended for those of you who come here early.

When in the holiday season, you will find many people who want to enjoy this place. However, don’t be afraid that you won’t get a place first. Because, this place has a variety of peaks that can be reached.

There’s nothing wrong not to explore this place who knows you can get a unique spot. Because, the more you explore this Tanarara Hill, it has a different charm and cannot be found in other areas.

Indeed, there is no argument that requires you to come to this place. anytime you can visit a tourist attraction that has just become a conversation with netizens. However, when it came at the right time. You will find the right moment too.

One of them is in the afternoon. Yes, anyone would agree, if the afternoon is the right time to get a different hue from a tourist attraction. Like the charm of a sunset with a beautiful view of the sun.

Not only seeing the scenery as the sun slowly hides among the hills. Instead, the ceiling turned a purplish-orange color, with a tinge of blue and beautiful white clouds.

There are interesting photo spots that can be produced from this place. is on top of a hill with a view of the winding road. It’s really beautiful what is presented in this area. Well, try to look deeper into this Tanarara hill.

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Tanarara Hill Location Route

Tanarara Hill is located in Maubokul Village, Pandawai District, Sumab Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. The distance required from the city of Waingapu is 68 km. Getting to this area is a bit difficult.

Because, there are several access roads that are a little confusing. You know, this hill is relatively new. Not many visitors know of its existence. So, it would be better to ask local residents to get clear directions.

Tanarara Hill Entrance Ticket Prices

The interesting thing about this area is that there is no entry ticket price. So, you can enjoy this area to your heart’s content. Even more interesting, there is no parking service that will be pulled at this place. So fun isn’t it?

One thing to keep in mind is that pictures are often deceiving. Everything will look more beautiful when directly with both eyes. So, don’t just be fascinated by just seeing it on various kinds of social media that have been circulating.

Tanarara Hill Photo Gallery

Tanarara Hill
Tanarara Hill
Tanarara Hill
Tanarara Hill
Tanarara Hill

Tanarara Hill when viewed more deeply will look like the grand canyon in the United States. Therefore, this area should not be missed if you are on the island of Sumba.