7 Ways to Overcome the Blurry and Unclear HP Camera Easily

The existence of a camera on a cellphone or smartphone is called the most brilliant innovation during the 21st century. Unfortunately, sometimes the camera often becomes blurry so you need to try some tips on how to deal with a blurry HP camera.

Even if you use the latest smartphone with the capacity to take good pictures, the camera blur problem will still occur. Even sometimes the blur is not only from the rear camera, but also the front camera.

Therefore, EzTekno will explain why the cellphone camera is blurry or blurry and how to overcome it so that it becomes clear again.

Causes of the HP Camera To Be Blur

Causes of the HP Camera To Be Blur

For those of you who are still using the old type of smartphone, you may already know if the camera blur is because it is caused by inadequate quality. It’s a different story with you who have a good camera quality but the image is still blurry.

Some of the things below might be the reason why the HP camera is blurry:

  • The camera is exposed to dirt that is a bit difficult to look like oil for example.
  • Dirt and dust that usually comes from hands that are too often holding the camera lens on the cellphone.
  • The lens is blocked from the cover glass/tempered glass which normally blocks the lens so it looks more blurry.
  • There is a malfunction either from the side of your camera app or the operating system.
  • Foggy Camera Lens.
  • There are scratches on the camera lens.

After you have ascertained what the cause is, now you know better how to clean it. Below are some ways to clean blurry and blurry cellphone camera lenses.

How to clean a blurry camera lens to make it clear

If you are experiencing camera blur issues, don’t panic because there are simple ways to fix a blurry camera lens. Especially if the cause of camera blur is caused by dirt or dust on the lens.

This method is also relatively inexpensive because it only requires simple tools such as cotton and cloth with a fine texture. Curious? Here are 7 ways to clean a blurry camera lens in simple ways.

1. Try Cleaning the Lens

how to clean a dusty cellphone camera lens

Camera blur is mostly caused by a dirty camera lens, mostly from fingerprints that come into contact with the lens too often. This is because the dust on the fingers is relatively invisible, but if it sticks to the lens it will be very clearly visible and make the camera blur.

The camera lens is one of the most sensitive components, so cleaning it requires extra care. You need to prepare an object with a soft surface for cleaning such as cotton or cloth.

Here’s how to clean a dusty cellphone camera lens:

  1. Prepare cotton first, try to choose the softest cotton.
  2. Gently rub the cotton on the surface of the HP camera.
  3. Restart the HP camera and try to take some pictures.
  4. Make sure whether the camera is clear again?
  5. Finished.

2. Using Toothpaste

how to fix cellphone camera blur

The second way to clean the camera lens is to use toothpaste, the content in toothpaste can indeed work to lift stains and dust. However, try to use as little toothpaste as possible.

Besides being able to lift dust or stains, toothpaste can also function to help blur the lens on the camera due to scratches or abrasions due to impact. To make the cleaning process easier, you can follow the ways to deal with a blurry HP camera below:

  1. Apply toothpaste to a cotton bud with an appropriate amount.
  2. Point the Cotton Bud at the camera lens slowly and clockwise.
  3. Wipe off the remaining toothpaste on the camera with a cotton swab until no paste liquid remains.
  4. Finally, wipe off the remaining toothpaste with a tissue or cotton.
  5. Finished.

3. Using a Hair Dryer

how to fix a blurry cellphone camera from dew

Camera blur can also be caused by a fogged lens, so that it will hinder the camera’s performance when taking photos. Dew on the camera lens usually comes from the remains when the smartphone is exposed to rain.

The heat generated from the hair dryer itself can help to remove condensation on the camera lens. Another advantage of a hair dryer is that the heat temperature can be adjusted, so it will not cause damage to the smartphone.

Here’s how to deal with a blurry cellphone camera from dew:

  1. Turn off the HP and if possible remove all the protectors.
  2. Use the lowest temperature of the hair dryer first.
  3. Point the hair dryer right at the camera and give it a few meters away.
  4. Use a soft cloth to clean the lens again.
  5. Finished.

4. Replace the HP Case

Cell phone cases or protectors can also cause the camera or lens to become blurry, especially if there are some scratches on the cellphone protector. The effect is the camera’s attempts to take pictures will be hindered.

For those of you old-school HP users, it might be easy to replace a casing that has previously been scratched. However, for those who use the latest smartphones, it may be a bit difficult to repair the body.

6. Reinstall the Camera Application

Bugs can also be the cause of allowing a camera to be blurry, this error can come from the camera application or smartphone operating system. To overcome this, first try to restart the smartphone first.

If it still doesn’t work, you can try to reinstall the application via Playstore. From some experience, it is also stated that sometimes the camera application does not update automatically, causing camera bugs.

7. Replacing HP Lenses

Option number 7 will be the last one if the other methods don’t work. It’s very likely that your lens has been damaged, resulting in scratches, thus blurring the camera.

The price range for the camera lens itself depends on the type of smartphone, but in general it will be around Rp. 150,000 to Rp. 350,000. While the service for installing the lens at the service center is Rp. 30,000 to Rp. 50,000.

A blurry cellphone camera is not always due to damage, but can also be caused by a dirty or foggy lens. Do 7 tips on how to deal with a blurry HP camera before deciding to buy a new camera or go to a service center.