7 Ways to Overcome Xiaomi’s Quickly Running Out HP Battery

How to Overcome Xiaomi's Quickly Running Out HP Battery

Surely you often experience hot cellphones, especially when you turn on the data package, don’t you and it results in quickly running out? Take steps to overcome the Xiaomi cellphone battery that runs out quickly, which often heats up quickly.

Having a long-lasting cell phone battery can certainly keep you connected to the outside world. However, not all phones can last long.

Sometimes, there are some phones that can’t last long because the battery has reduced performance and tends to heat up quickly when used.

Take it easy, for you Xiaomi mobile users, there are at least 7 ways you can do to save battery power. Here are 7 ways to save Xiaomi cellphone battery that you can apply.

Here’s How to Overcome Xiaomi’s Quickly Running Out HP Battery

1. Turn off Vibrate and Screen Saver

The first way that you can try to overcome the Xiaomi cellphone battery that runs out easily is to turn off the vibrate and screen saver.

You need to know that the screen saver is indeed enough to suck up your phone’s battery, so it could be the cause of the battery running out easily. You can turn off the screen saver in your phone’s display settings.

2. Maintain Battery Performance

Have you ever used your Xiaomi phone until it got very hot? If yes, then your phone is overheating.

Excessive overheating will make the phone battery run out faster. The cause of overheating could be because you are using your phone while it is charging or playing games for too long.

3. Turn off GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi features

The next way you can try to save your Xiaomi cellphone battery is to turn off the GPS, bluetooth and WiFi features.

These three mentioned features always manage to drain your phone’s battery, especially when they are turned on at the same time.

If on a Xiaomi phone, you must often turn off GPS because this feature makes the phone battery run out quickly. You can turn on the GPS feature when you need to use Google Maps only.

4. Turn on Power Saving Mode

You can turn on the power saving mode on your Xiaomi phone to save your phone’s battery. When you turn on this power saving mode, the cellphone will turn off WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth.

Not only that, your screen brightness will also be dimmed and the phone will close apps running in the background.

You can turn on power saving mode by going to settings and selecting the battery and performance menu. After that, you will find the option to activate the battery saver.

5. Update MIUI to Latest Version

The next step to save your Xiaomi phone’s battery is to update your phone’s MIUI to the latest version.

With the latest MIUI version, the phone battery can last longer. This is because the latest MIUI can help applications and systems on your phone run more effectively.

6. Set Developer Options

You can do developer options or developer settings to deal with Xiaomi cellphone batteries that run out quickly.

This method is said to be the most effective method of saving battery. You can set these developer options in settings then go to phone menu.

Click as many MIUI versions as possible until the developer options options appear. Turn on developer options and turn off animation scaling for windows, animators and transitions.

7. Use the Auto Close Application Option

The last way you can use is to turn on the auto close app option. You can delete apps that you don’t use very much.

By turning on the auto close application option, when you have left the application for a long time, the phone will immediately turn off the application.

That’s 7 ways to save Xiaomi cell phone battery that you can do. This method may also be effective for other types of cell phones. Good luck.